Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Top 7 Most Expensive And Butiful Houses In The World

Top 7 Most Expensive And Butiful Houses In The World ALL YOU NEEDhas collected a list of top most expensive and butiful houses in the world.These houses are unique in their architecture and structure.Every house has its unique fture which make it distinguish by others.Ftures,prices and owner's information is given below.

1. Antilia
The most expensive house in the world is Antilia.It is loed in Mumbai, India. Its owner is Mukesh Ambani,which is the fifth richest man in the world.This is 27 story palace and 6 story parking space.
“Vastu Shastra,” concept is used in its structure.
Price: $1 Million
2. Villa Leopolda
2nd most expensive house is villa leopolda.It is loed inFrench Riviera. King Leopold II of Beium built it in 1902.It has 27 stories,19 bedrooms and 50 gardeners to make it well maintained.Price: $506 Million
3. The Penthouse

This expensive house is loed in England.It has squash play ground and has wine tasting room.It has full security protection like eye scanner,panic room andbulletproof .Price: $200 Million
4. Fairfield Pond

Fairfield Pond is among top 10 expensive houses.It is occupied on 66,000 square foot.It has bowling alley ,basket ball court and fairfeild pond.It has a hot tub of price $150,000.Price: $198Million
6. Franchuk Villa

This villa is loed in London.It has 10 bedrooms.It has 5 stories with panic room,private thter,gym and pool.It is designed with wood furnishing.Price: $161Million
7. Updown Court

This butiful house is loed in England.It has many bedrooms,cinema rooms and tennis court.It was constructed in 1924.It has expensive cars.Price: $139Million

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