Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Google’s popular AdWords word Tool has gone and the new word Planner has taken its place, but most webmasters complain that theword Plannerisn’t much user-friendly as the former word Tool was. If you are also unhappy with Google’s new word Planner, then I have compiled a list of top 5 free and fture-rich word resrch tools which deserve to be called as the best alternatives to both old Google AdWords word Tool and the new word Planner. You can try these tools to find words in a convenient way. Here is the list:1- Worldtracker’s ToolIt is one of my most favorite word resrch tools which I use for resrching the words along with other tools.Worldtracker’s Toollets you start word resrching in a convenient way by instant signup. After visiting the site, just enter your email and a desired and start exploring the words of your interest. At present, Worldtracker’s Tool states that there are more than 3.4 billion words present in its database and the is incrsing rapidly as new srches are added to the indices on regular basis. If you don’t want to use Google word Planner, Worldtracker’s Tool can make your word resrch sy and fruitful. So don’t forget to give it a try.2- ÜbersuggestÜbersuggestis yet another grt and free word resrch tool which I use the most. This tool is also free to use and displays a very long list of words based on your query. I have used the word suggestions fromÜbersuggest which have delivered brilliant results. Due to se of use and brilliant outputs, I have includedÜbersuggest here in my list of top Google word Planner Tool alternatives. TryÜbersuggest, you will surely find it a grt tool for your word resrch campaign.3- SEO Book word Suggestion ToolSEO Book is one of the most popular SEO resources on the Internet and itsword resrch toolis one of the assets which contribute SEO Book’s popularity and success. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should go for it now. Previously, the word resrch tool was publicly accessible, but due to massive accesses, now it has been limited for registered users only. Don’t worry, signing up and setting up a basic account at SEO Book is free.4- WordpotWordpot is yet another famous tool which gives you instant access to its large indices of words by providing you a word srch box on its homepage. You don’t need to even have an account with them to start exploring words. Jusisit WordPot’s homepage, enter your desired word and get the instant suggestions.5. Bing word Resrch ToolBing (along with Yahoo srch) receives the second highest volume of srches after Google and its word resrch tool can’t be ignored at any cost. Once you link your website or blog with Bing Webmaster Tools and verify it, aword resrch toolwill appr in sidebar of your Bing Webmaster account dashboard that can be used to explore the srched terms.So these were five top word resrch tools which are true alternatives to Google’s word Planner. If you don’t want to use Google word Planner anymore or want to diversify your word resrch campaign, these tools will surely help you out. Don’t forget to share after testing them either you found these tools useful or not.

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