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5 Best Techniques to Incrse Domain Authority (DA) of a Website ~ How To Incrse Domain Authority

Crting a website is not big dl,getting huge traffic is challenging task.There are many ways on internet to get website traffic but mostly not work or work for short period of time.For example On-Page, Off-Page optimizations works for short time bring traffic but by time flop.I have rdy this post to incrse your website domain authority as well as page rank.Getting better page rank and strong authority will surely promote your website to get more money.So, let’s have a look on top 5 best methods to incrse domain authority of a website, without using any black hat techniques.

What is Domain Authority?Domain Authority (DA) incrse page rank in srch engine of your website and give best prediction of a website. In others words, A Domain Authority show the of root domains which link to different pages on your website.If your website has many link from many pages then it has better page rank. Usually the Domain Authority rank is planned by joining few metrics like root domains, total links, mozRank,etc.If you have strong domain authority,more your website will appr in srch engine.
5 methods to Incrse Domain Authority (DA):Deep Linking:First method of domain authority is deep linking.If you have a website then you make sure that all pages of your website are strongly merge in ch other.Optimize ch page for the specific word it is targeting.Build backlinks for all pages to srch in google. Interlink to your pages with specific words from different pages of your website with that word.

Link the pages from other external pages like Home, About us where you can send some links to that webpage.Add as many pages as you can by writing new articles
Link Diversity:Link Diversity is 2nd method to incrse domain authority of your website. Off-Page SEO is a concept which will make domain authority strong. Link diversity is a SEO concept which choose the range of different links of your website. Google doesn’t provide links again and again on your website, so best option is link diversity. To diversify the links from different sites and sources, incrse your page rank.

To get backlinks people comment on dofollow websites on their own website but they do not have id that backlinks will not come from single source all time.Comment on different site to get backlinks for your site.Get backlinks from different websites by submitting quality content to their guest blogging service, or by submitting articles to article directories, this is reliable method than any other method to get bacjlinks.Guest bloggers allows 2 or 3 backlinks for certain article by submitting article.Use these 2 or 3 backlinks for 3 best purpose which are below.

1). link to any previous post of your site

2). link to your home page, and

3). Point one link to a egory which you think is most important.

In this way you will get plenty of backlinks for your website.

Do not use any software to get backlinks for your website
Quality Content:Every one post on their site.Publish post is not fact publish high quality content website get high rank in google if contain pure and high quality content. Many website are blocked by panda effect du to low quality content.Visitors like high quality content and share your post on social networks.Below are tricks to get high quality content.

1. Avoid duplie content issues.

2. Write pure and authentic content.

3.Tch something new to your rders.

4. Never stuff words into your article.

5. Never make spelling and grammar mistakes.

6.Write an article bigger in length.

7.Never host too many ads or promotional links in your article content.

8. Avoid improper title tags and meta descriptions.

9. Make quality s and publish on site

10. Write interesting information which attract visitors.
Join Social Media :Social media had a grt role in promoting your website. Actively participate website post in social media like Twitter,Stumbleupon Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook and etc.Socialmedia surely make your website in top 10 rankings of first page of google. Getting active your website in social media will strong domain authority and get high rank in srch engine.

The above picture is taken from which show the importance of getting maximum tweets to a page in Google. According to them, If a page has more than 7500 Tweets, it will show in top 5 results of google.Social media surely incrse a site Domain Authority and popularity.
Let it Age: The Domain Authority of a website can depend on its age and popularity.During one month your site will not get high rank. Regularly post on your website with high quality backlinks.As much content you add on your website so much you get high rank and popularity.Improve backlinks and content quality to get high domain authority.
How do you Check Domain Authority?There are many tools to check domain authority.SEOmoz toolbar, is best for checking domain authority.This tool bar provides grt information about a website Domain Authority, Page Authority, Links pointing to your website. SEOMoz is available for 97$ per month. You can install this add-on for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. You can also check your Domain Authority via for free.

In above PA show Page Authority of a website, and DA show the Domain Authority. In the above , the PA of SEOSiren is 34, where as the DA is 22.

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