Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5 Rsons Behind 8 Failure

8 is popular among latest operating system.Window 8 has low compatibility with smartphone.Vista had a desktop market share of 4.52% compared to 8's share of 2.67%. Instd of its many new ftures it has not get attention of users.That's why it is flopping day by day.There are certain rson behind its failure which are as follow.

1. Useless Interface:It has tablet interface known as Metro which is consider as bad and ugly.This interface is not compatible with desktop.User need to lrn everything before using it.If had just kept the 7 Aero interface for the desktop version of 8 then it will be show more compatibility.
2.No innovative to the desktop:
What is new in window 8?There will be new innovation related to this window.Except its fast working speed there in no more new for users to prefer this.
3. Developers rction:Developers do not like it.Pprogrammers wouldn't like throwing out their hard-won .NET, Communiion Foundation (WCF) and Presentation Foundation (WPF) expertise to work on 8.
4. 7 is preferable:User which use window 7 only rely on this.They are not rdy to rely on any operating system even window 8.They still feel compatibility of their system with window 7.Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu observed, the $500 to $1200 price tags slapped on 8 hardware makes it "uncompetitive" in a world where people want iPads and Android tablets.
5. Tablet, smart phone, and desktop competition:
iPad, an inexpensive Android tablet, or a Chromebookare new computing devices.Desktop is fairly used but not as like tablet,smart phone.With window 8 operating system for samrtphone and android,have less compatibility like others operating system like window 7.

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