Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5 Rsons Behind Your Wk Security || Why Your Account Is

In applying you used alphabets,s,symbols and may feel like your is safe.Don't be sure you are secure with your as it is un able.Here are many secrets thing which make your unable account into able account.Below are few rsons of you wk security.Make sure while setting up new account as there is no any wk rson in security as given below.

1. Your is ""

"" was the most use able in 2012according to s who stole millions of them. "123456" , "12345678," "welcome," "letmein," and "jesus" are the most famous used in last yrs.These popular used s wk your account security.

2. You never Check Its Strength:The Meter is a resource which used while setting up new accounts or changing your login info. It convert your into a formula and msure at what extent this is strong or wk.If your is wrong you can change it.

3. You Use the Same For multiple accounts:
One important rson behind your wk security is that you use same for more than one wkens your security strenght.

4. Your Security Question is Obvious :
Sites will often ask you to provide a security question and answer. It will help when you forget your . Apply something difficult and personal answer and question to get strong security.

You Don't Use Two-Factor Authentiion:

This is important security tips. Every time you log into a website or email client, you were asked to enter combination of s and characters. Two-factor authentiion helps when you use same across platforms as it is proof.

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