Wednesday, May 18, 2016

8.1 to rn $100,000 bounty from

8.1 to rn $100,000 bounty from
As part of ’s bug bounty program, the Redmond based company offers at most $100,000 to security resrches that can find flaw in 8.1. The new operating system is launched on June 26.
Currently, there are 3 bounty program by :
Mitigation Bypass Bounty. will pay up to$100,000USD for truly novel ation techniques against protections built into the latest version of our operating system ( 8.1 Preview). Lrning about new ation techniques rlier helps improve security by lps, instd of capturing one vulnerability at a time as a traditional bug bounty alone would.TIMEFRAME: ONGOINGBlueHat Bonus for Defense.Additionally, will pay up to$50,000USD for defensive ids that accompany a qualifying Mitigation Bypass submission. Doing so highlights our continued support of defensive technologies and provides a way for the resrch community to help protect more than a billion computer systems worldwide.TIMEFRAME: ONGOING (in conjunction with the Mitigation Bypass Bounty).Internet Explorer 11 Preview Bug Bounty. will pay up to$11,000USD for critical vulnerabilities that affect Internet Explorer 11 Preview on the latest version of ( 8.1 Preview). The entry period for this program will be the first 30 days of the Internet Explorer 11 beta period (June 26 to July 26, 2013). Lrning about critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer as rly as possible during the public preview will help make the newest version of the browser more secure.TIMEFRAME: 30 DAYSThis bug bounty by is the highest of all the existing same programs as of now.

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