Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beware Of Tab Napping: Phishing Technique

Beware Of Tab Napping: Phishing Technique
What is Tab Napping?

Tab napping is new type ofphishing scam that doesnot require you to click on any URLto redirect you to the phishing siteinstd it relies on the fact that alot of people used tabbedbrowsing(Opening multiple tabswhile browsing).In tab nappingone of your inactive tab isautomatically replaced by with anew tab without yourknowledge.For example one of yourinactive tab in which you haveopened your bank’s website will be automatically replaced with the phishing site of your bank andyou will be asked to enter yourUsername and .You might think you have been signed out ornever logged in but when you will enter the details again it will be sent to the .

How To Detect And Protect?Yourself From Tab Napping?Here are the simple and sy stepswith which you can detect thisnew phishing technique “TabNapping”.
* Don’t open anothertab when your areworking with yourbanking site or anyothersecure businesswebsite instd opennew using CTRL+N .
* Always check the URLaddress of thewebsite if you returnfrom another tab.(Fake page will havedifferent URL)* Check that the URLhas secure address“https:// “ or a biggreen bar in front ofthe URL in addressbar which certifiesthat it is secure andcertified website.* If you find anythingsuspicious close thetab and type andopen the website innew Tab.-->

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