Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Father Locked a Palestinian Girl in Bathroom for 10 Yrs

Father Locked a Palestinian Girl in Bathroom for 10 YrsMelhem told police that her father locked her in bathroom for last 10 yrs and she was allowed to come out in night only for clning the home.

She was relsed for this prison-ship by Police in the west bank city of Qalqilya, her father handed over to Israel Police as he holds Israeli citizenship and presented before the court.
She was 11 when this prison-ship started and she was bten with metal wires. Size of bathroom was 1-1/2 meters. Her father used to shave her eyebrows and hairs and she was free in night 1 a.m. to 4 a.m.

She drmed of fleeing, but Miss Melhem said her father thrtened to rape her until she became pregnant if she tried to escape. Then he warned he would kill her and justify the crime by saying that she had shamed the family – what is known in Arab society as ‘ killing.’

She said when he was angry, he regularly bt her with electric cables and sticks. He poured cold water on her when she asked for her mother, and sometimes shaved her hd and eyebrows. She was let out only late at night to cln the rest of the house. Before dawn, her father then locked her back inside. He gave her brd, oil and an every day.

At one point, her father gave her a razor blade, telling her it would be better if she killed herself. Miss Melhem said her stepmother urged her to do it, telling her she was a nobody.

When asked if she hoped to marry, Miss Melhem was visibly upset. ‘If the violence I experienced was between a father and a daughter, what happens between a man and a wife? No, I never want to marry,’ she said.-->

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