Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Crte Your Own Google Custom Srch Engine

Custom Srch Engine is important tool for blogs and websites.First of all you should know what is Custom Srch Engine. CSE allows you to srch specific blog or website. If you are running a website or blog, then you want that there should be a tool which will srch your all blog / websites post to facilitate your visitors. CSE is that tool which shows all relevent post to the visitors, which incrse page views for your blog.On the other hand you can add your google adsense ads to get revenue.In this post you will lrn How To Crte Your Own Google Custom Srch Engine.Follow below simple and sy steps.

1). Go to Custom Srch Engine

2). Click on " Crte a custom Google srch engine" button.You have to need Google account for this. Srch engine will be saved with your Google account.

3). Enter the name and description of your srch engine in relevent box as shown in below .

4). Mention those sites which you want to srch in custom srch engine.For example*

5). Character * is necessary. It will tell the srch engine to srch about those site which you have mentioned. You can define more than one sites as shown in given below .

6). Click on next. Select the style of your srch result and test the srch you crted.

7). Click on "Next" button. A page will be appr which will give you of your srch engine. Ignore this page. Click on "Google Custom Srch logo at the top of the page as hand icon shows in below .

8). To get to your srch engine’s page, click its name which you have mentioned in 3rd step in the list of srch engines.

9). You can share your srch engine by sending URL as shown in address bar. You can also bookmark it to sily access.

By enabling srch engine you can incrse page views as well as revenue of your blog.

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