Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to extend WhatsApp for free?

How to extend WhatsApp for free
*Before you begin, you need :
Access to your friend’siPhone/iPad for 5-7 minutes.Your Android/BlackBerry/
/Symbian phonewhose is to berenewed.

*How to extend WhatsApp for free :
First of all, uninstall WhatsAppfrom your device. Don’t forgetto backup your chat.Convince your friend toregister WhatsApp with your on his/her iPhone.Now, you’ll get WhatsAppverifiion on yourphone through SMS. Enter thereceived verifiion onyour friend’s iPhone.You’ll see that WhatsApp willbe running on your friendsiPhone with your WhatsApp ID.
Now it’s time to deleteWhatsApp from your friendsiPhone.Install and register fresh copyof WhatsApp on your device.After the iscomplete,have a look to your account info.Your subscription extend to 2022 -->

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