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How to Get Galaxy S4 Ftures on Android Phone?

How to Get Galaxy S4 Ftures on Android Phone?

Galaxy S4 first relsed in April 2013 and it comes in market with grt ftures. It is a High-end smartphone which makes your life richer, simpler, and more fun. Without any doubt it is such a amazing smartphone but with a high price tag, which everyone can't afford. But you don't need to disappointed here in this post we gonna discuss how to dub some of the Galaxy S4 ftures in to a Simple Android Phone. Every Android User can use TouchWiz UX, AccuWther clock and Air Call of Galaxy S4. So, for experiencing these ftures you don't need to buy a Galaxy S4 you can get a feel of these ftures in you simple Android device. So, now move to the Topic "How to Get Galaxy S4 Ftures on Android Phone?
What is Air Gesture?

Air Gesture App allow to answer calls on your device with a gesture only without touching the phone even you can answer your calls by bringing the phone nr too your r. This amazing fture is per-loaded in Galaxy S4 and now here we will install this fture into a simple Android phone. First of all you have to see how this technology works, whenever you hover hand above the phone to answer call it activates the proximity sensor which able to directly answer call.
You may be thinking what will happen if the mobile in pocket? You don't need to think about it because developer of this app has worked hard and added a fture in this app which is "PockeMode". This fture works like silent mode, whenever you activate silent mode of mobile the phone not ring, same method has use this fture because it also enabling it will prevent your phone to answer the call when the phone in your pocket. For answering any call you have to first take out the device wave hand above the sensor and after that take it to the r. It also has many other ftures like vibration, On-Screen message, Loud Spker and much more.
Which things are needed in this Process just have a look below:
Air Gesture App: Download Here
Galaxy S4 icons, launcher and AccuWther : Download Here

1. How to install Air Gesture on Android Device ?
First download the Air View App From the Play Store: Download HereAfter Downloading, Install the app which will take hardly 2 minutes.After Installing the app, You just need to run the Air gesture App.If you run the app first time, then it will ask you to Turn On-Air Call. Just Click ON.After turning the App On, it will show all its ftures which we have been discussed. Just Click on the ftures which you want to turn ON.Enjoy Air gesture on you Device. 2. How to change the icons of your device into S4?
For Galaxy S4 icons : Download HereUnzip the Icon Pack and the extracted file contains the ported icons of Galaxy S4.For Further installation download Icon Changer app: Download HereStart Icon Changer App then select the app of which icon you want to change.Browse the new icon by which you want to replace the old one.Choose New icon and you have almost done.If you want to change more Icons then rept above steps.
3. How to Install Galaxy S4 Launcher and AccuWther ?
Note: For performing this procedure your phone must be Rooted and also take a backup
For Galaxy S4 launcher and AccuWther : Download HereWithout extracting zip file place the Galaxy S4 launcher zip file in the root directory of your phone SD card.Boot phone into Recovery mode and then wipe the dalvik cache.Again go to main recovery menu and then select "Install Zip from SD card", then select "Choose Zip file from SD card" and then select the zip file.After installation, Reboot your phone.As your phone Boots up, tap the home button to launch the Galaxy S4 Launcher.To install the AccuWther, place the Downloaded zip file and install it via Custom Recovery as you have done for the launcher.

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