Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to get Whatsapp free for 10 yrs.

How to get Whats app free for 10 yrs.
As we Know that over 20 million people registered onwhats appand the growth isincrsing day by day with the passage of time.Whats appis one of the most popular messenger in the world because of its ftures and reliability. But the main problem is that how to get whats app premium for free.So here is the trick for you to get free whats app for 10 yrs.

Gadgets you needed :
A. Iphone / Ipad
B. Your own Android phone

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How to extend your whatsapp membership:
1. Register your Android WhatsApp phone on WhatsApp for iPhone (doesn't need to change the sim card, just register the only).

2. Enter 3 digit SMS sent to your sim card and enter it on WhatsApp for iPhone.

3. Re install whatsapp for Android, then register your that alrdy registered in iPhone and you will get 10 yrs .

Feel free to share your experience thank you!

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