Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to Impress a Girl on Facebook || Tips and Tricks

How to Impress a Girl on Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest social media which connect many people and it also cause of many relationships so with all dating tips and way to to date online now if you have a girl on facebook than you must thinks how to impress her. If you rlly srching for rl tips and tricks on how to impress a girl on Facebook? Then now you are at right place because here in this article you will find the best tips and tricks to impress girl on facebook. you can also apply these tips and tricks on other sites to impress any girl online.Many times you thinks and question to yourself how to impress girls on FB??When ever you added a girl then you are interested the id of how to impress a girl and this id automatically comes to your mind but at the same time, you also dl with the fr that the slightest mistake will make the whole thing wrong. So if you want to impress girls on Facebook, then keep in mind it’s not only about the conversation you have with her which is going to determine how successful you are, but also every little detail on your Facebook profile. Now you have to focus below mentioned Tips which will rlly helpful for you
1. Make Facebook Profile attractiveIt is one of the most important tip to impress girl because if you rlly want to impress girls then make sure your profile is girls-friendly. Now you are thinking what is mnt by girls-friendly its mn avoid swring and being disrespectful on your wall and also ragging about your sexual experience or fantasies openly on your wall with friends and if you are so ger about having such types of conversation,do it on a private chat. You should also posts such pics which impress girls like moral quotes, love quotes etc.
2. Choose Very Attractive Profile PictureEveryone want best DP for their profile and there are lot of collection for DPs but selection must b unique if you want to impress girl. Many times most of people just impress by your profile picture and DP is your 1st impression so now you know power of profile pictures. DP can tell millions of stories on what kind of person you are and if you want to impress a girl, only add those pictures which are going to crte the right kind of impression like make use of pictures which depict you in different kinds of setting-school, work, at home playing with your pets, hanging out with friends and families. You can also make your DP attractive by using online photo editing tools.
3. Avoid ThisYou should avoid uploading pictures of you and your sexy ex or the boozer picture which you want her to know you know the definition of fun. You should also avoid to upload your drunkard photos it also gives bad impression and party animal spirit you can show it all after sometime but not in start.
4. Words, Compliments and InterestsAs your walls and profile pictures have given her a preview of your personality, it’s about time you show her the rl you. You should start the conversation like you are normal person slowly take things to the next level by complimenting her profile pictures-this will show her that you took the time to have a look at her pictures and you are uinely interested in her. Now the trick here is be specific and stand out from the bunch of guys who keep throwing compliments at her. So, you should avoid saying things like, you look butiful on your pictures-be specific and say things like ‘I loved picture where you were holding your pet, you looked cute and full of innocence!
5. Confidence, Patience and Common SenseIf you want to impress a girl then you must lrn to be confident about your dating and flirting skills. Because girls don't like such guys who are not confident so you must be confident and know how to ld a conversation and relationship. Impressing any girl is a step by step procedure which requires time, so you should lrn to be patient and play your moves right in order to impress her. Finally, you should using some common sense which is important while trying to impress a girl.
You may rd thousands of dating tips and advice but always remember not all of them work with everyone. Also, you need to lrn when to back off from a girl, if she continuously ignores your mail, messages, does not pay attention to any of your action in a bid to impress her then do not hold on to her, Its clr she is not interested in you so try another :PAnd most important dating and flirting skills come with practice, so keep practicing :)

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