Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Install Window 8 On Android Phone

New upcoming smartphone are coming with Android operating system. 8 newly enabled with to offer a war to android smartphone. First 8 phone is lumia which launched r in 2012 and considered as a good mobile phone market shares. Window 8 is also recently launched OS for PC, Many android users want to experience the ftures of window 8,but do not know how to install window 8 on android phone. Now you can enjoy all ftures of window 8 on your android smartphone.Android apps named as “Fake 8” will enable you to enjoy ftures of window 8 on android phone.

Fake 8, is a free android appliion which provides a 8 kind of interface. Fake 8 doesn’t need a rooted android device, it is compatible with all version of android phone.You can freely sily download
Fake 8 from given below link. Download Link
Fake ftures:
Cool interfaceSkydriveGalleryGamesInternetSide sliding BarSetting option Advantages: 1) Totally free
2) Support no any ads.
3) Excellent performance with un-rooted android device.
4) Provides rl 8 like interface with side slide bar.

1) Not extremely receptive.
2) Fake 8 doesn’t have much option.
3) We have to initialize app to experience 8.
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