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How to Make Money Using Pinterest || rn money by Pinterest

How to Make Money Using Pinterest

Pinterest, which is essentially a website consisting of many s of varying sizes and hues on its pinboard, can be used to rn lots and lots of money.You can pick up s from anywhere across the internet and pin it on your virtual boards. Move over Facebook and Twitter. Try exploring other social platforms beyond these two. You can build up a sizble online audience by using this tool for enhancing your social media presence.A resrch conducted by Comscore (a US based resrch firm) has listed it among the 20 most websites among US internet users and also pointed out that it has a user base larger than LinkedIn, Twitter and the Google Plus all put together!!Now, that should be enough to set a few hds rolling.
Making Money Using Pinterest
If you are looking forward to rn some passive income from the cozy comfort of your home, here are a few tips and tricks which can help you get started with it.
1. Eye ching Pictures
Since Pinterest is basically picture based, pick up interesting pictures which have a lot of visual appl. High resolution pictures can make you stand apart.No one will bother to rd the description (no matter how well it is written) if the is not captivating enough.
2. Build A Community
As with other social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, you need to build a community here.You get back pretty much what you give to others. If you share other people’s pins, they are likely to share your sentiment as well. Follow lots of people so that they follow you back and your pins have a grter chance of being noticed.
3. Choose A Niche Of Products You Would Want To Sell
What type of goods can you sell best? Do some basic resrch and choose the niche you would want to be associated with.If you are good at selling shoes, don’t try selling watches simply because you see a grter percentage of profits in them. Not everyone can sell everything- and you must keep that in mind at all times.You can, of course, sell a wide range of products. Right from hlth related equipment to tattoo removing products. Indoor plants to designer furniture.Just make up your mind about what products you want to promote, and develop the skills to be able to sell them.
4. Choose The Right Affiliate Products
Visit Amazon, Clickbank, CJ, etc to pick up the affiliate products you would want to sell here. It is best to pick up products about which people have left positive reviews in the past.Don’t Choose Very Expensive ProductsSome people who have been making a killing over Pinterest since the last few yrs have revled that inexpensive products sell best on this site.Diamond jewellery might not, for instance, get such a tremendous response as funky or bded stuff.
5. Choose The Right words
Now that you know what you want to sell here, edit your profile and include the best words about your products in your profile.

6. Optimize Product Descriptions

Pinterest allows you to use 500 characters to describe the pin you are putting up. Use those 500 characters to give the best and most elaborate product description. Don’t go too ecstatic and maintain the right pitch. It would be good if you could squeeze in a testimonial or two from a satisfied customer, so as to help win over more trust. Make sure to include your most srched words here too.
7. Link Your To Your Website

Now, this is one simple but killer tip!Not only will you get lots of traffic to your site when people click over such well optimized s but also help rank your article/ product higher on srch engine results if it is shared by lots of people- since sharing will incrse the of inbound links to your site or blog.
8. Use Adsense To Your Benefit
If you alrdy have a good traffic to your website or blog, you can encourage the people viewing your s to visit your site.There is a strong possibility of getting them to click on a few ads over there and thus erate you some more moolah!!
9. Crte Contests
Offer givways and freebies, crte contests- just anything that will encourage people to share your pins. No one will want to do so even if it does not cost them a penny to do so unless they see some personal gain in it. Give them rsons to share your pin!

If you are serious about making money from Pinterest, try the free tool called Pinterest Analytics to know about the demographics of the people coming to your site from Pinterest. This will help you refine your strategy.It is important here to keep in mind that Google plans to penalize sites and blogs which use Pinterest only of sharing their posts.If you want to get the best results from here, spend just 15 minutes on it every day to see your content going viral in no time at all.There are many bloggers who do not attach much importance to this particular site, choosing to focus instd only on Facebook, twitter and Google plus. Let me remind such people that Pinterest is a srch engine too! You just need to know how to get the best out of it.I do hope that these basic guidelines for making money on Pinterest will help many who want to get started here but do not know how to proceed.

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