Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Setup And Connect With PD-Proxy And Use Free Internet

How To Setup And Connect With PD-Proxy And Use Free Internet
VPN is a service which helps to hide your IP address. As we all know every system/device which connected to internet has a different IP address and with help of them any site or third party user can see your loion and can control your freedom on internet like ISP are blocking sites and pages in these days. So, you can use PD-Proxy to any operators by some proxy and ports to use free internet but how see below method :P
Why PD Proxy ?You all have questionWhy PD Proxy? AsPd Proxy is a vpn service and the best part this service is you can scan open ports form this and Pd proxy comes with a software that is special designed for it, so there is no need to have any additional tech knowledge to use pd proxy but the main problem is that there is a bandwidth limit on their trial accounts so if you wanted unlimited usage then you have to buy a premium account. But below sharing trick to use trial account unlimited.
How To Setup PD-Proxy With Settings :1. Download Pd proxy From HERE
2. Crte A Trial Account From HERE
3. Now Run PD-Proxy As Administrator And Install Tap Drivers

4. If You Have Any TCP Port - Then Fill It In TCP Server Port Box

5. If You Have Any UDP Port - Then Fill It In UDP Server Port Box

6. If You Have Any Bind Local Port - Then Fill It In Bind Local Port Box

7. Now Goto Parent Proxy And Check Enable Parent Proxy And Fill IP And Port If You Have Any

8. Click On Hders And Fill A Hders If You Have Any

9. Then - Save & Go back - And Connect It With Your Account.

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