Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Major Drawback Of Facebook || Girls Never Share Your Photo With Anyone

Major Drawback Of Facebook || Girls Never Share Your Photo With Anyone
Everything has its advantages and disadvantages just depend upon us.Social media likeFacebooktwitter as are popular using all over the world.Social media not only close the people by providing a platform where you can share and express your thoughts ids and communie with your family and friends.There is a big draw back which is stling privacy.YourFacebookaccount may be and it will loose your all personal data.You can post anything which you want on social media but be aware especially girls,never share any information or photo which causes problems for you.Choices are your friends or friends of friends onFacebookmay share your personal data like photo loosing your privacy as given below incident indies.

Presentation on the risks of social media(Facebook) in a Georgia school district gave an example of girls whosebikinipicture was shared onFacebook,Her name was Chaney.When known that her was used by school district she sued the school.The photo was posted with the title "Once it's there, it's there to stay,"She said that,
"I was embarrassed. I was horrified," Chels Chaney told Channel 2's RachelStock man "It never crossed my mind that this would ever, ever happen to me."According to her,she thought that her bikini photo will only visible to her friends and friends of friends and it will save.She never had allow to school district to use her photo as a prove of their topic risks of social media
(Facebook) in presentation.School administration stole her privacy and use her picture to prove their point of view of seminar to convince thudience.
She is asking for $2 million from the school district, arguing that the school district violated federal law, state law and the student's constitutional rights, and that she did not give up her rights by posting s on Facebook.
The school district may not have made the wisest decision in using a student's photo without her permission. -->

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