Wednesday, May 18, 2016

No Umrah visa after July 8

July 8 (Shaban 29) as the last date for seeking Umrah visas according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.According to the statistics relsed by the Ministry of Haj, the Kingdom has alrdy issued about four million Umrah visas this yr.A travel at Arif Kannauji, who has been working for a local Haj and Umrah operator in Riyadh said that this is our routine business to accept apliion for Umrah but we are strictally warned that no appliion can be accepted during Ramdan.All people who want to perform Umrah will get their visas in the month of Shaban. It normally takes 7 to 14 days to get a visa.Umrah sson starts in the month of Safar, and continue till end of Ramdan.

Until July 1, about 3.8 million Umrah pirims entered the Kingdom.This time rate is 400,000 times grter than previous yr according to ministry of Haj.

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