Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pakistan May Ban Google over Blasphemous Content

Pakistan May Ban Google over Blasphemous ContentNewly formed government of Pakistan has issued a warning to world’s largest srch engine Google to remove blasphemous content from YouTube or else face ban to its domain all over the country.

This warning was issued by newly elected Minister of Information Technology Anusha Rehman in a cabinet meeting.

In a question asked by local journalist over Youtube ban, the minister replied that it is about time that such content should be removed or else Google will be banned.

Google should listen to the new government of Pakistan, if not then Google will face complete ban in the country as there are other srch engines online as well.
Anusha added that if Google can’t remove such content then at lst it should block it in Pakistan.

On 29th May, 2013 Peshawar High Court of Pakistan had ordered Telecom authorities to block any website that sprds blasphemous content including Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Youtube is alrdy blocked in Pakistan for last 8 months for having blasphemous content.

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