Wednesday, May 18, 2016

PC Security Tips

PC Security Tips

MakeComputer Secure (FORBEGINNERS) Here are some tips which willenable you to make your PCmore secure.

1. Never, ever turn off theresident protection of yourantivirus even if it decrsesperformance. Upgrade ifnecessary.2. Keep your virus definitionsup-to-date. Use the automaticupdate fture of your anti-virus and try not to ignore the"Do you want to update now"message however often it might pop up.3. Even if you update regularlyand you have not seen anysuspicious activity on your PC,do a deep scan at lst once amonth.4. Always crte an emercyboot and keep it in a safeplace.5. Run a deep scan in safe modt lst once every two monthsto kill viruses that wouldotherwise remain hidden.
Firewalls1. If you are unsure about thlert displayed by your firewall,try srching it on the internet.2. A firewall is a powerful toolthat requires an understandingof how the program works andexactly what it is doing andwhether it is secure or not.Rding the help files is extremely important insuccessful configuration of your
firewall.3. If you are running a thirdparty firewall,be sure to turnoff the Firewall.4. You can temporarily disable afirewall by right clicking theicon in the tray. This is handywhen you know a site is oneyou can trust but your firewallis blocking it. But remember to re-enable it as soon as possible.
5. Rd firewall noticescarefully when they pop up sothat you don't let a bad thing inor prevent good traffic.

1. You should regularly checkfor updates. Enable thutomatic update fture.
2. Remember to do a scan everynow and then, or schedule scansif your program allows it. If youdon't want to sit that long forscans to complete, use a singlefolder for all your downloads, then scan only that folder, installation folder andthe Registry. Alternately, youcan do a quick scan if yourprogram allows it.

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