Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Project names in C/C++ /oop

Yesterday my tcher asked me to provide some project names for Object Oriented Programming in C++, I wrote some Project names and their Description how to make them, Let me share these Project names in C++ with Rders of this Blog also so here is List of Project names in C++/OOP

Chat Server A project which works same as we did chat in facebook or gmail. this chat will be based on 2 users both on different exe files. there is no limit on users mn 20 users can join chat or even 100, Download demo exe files to see this project

Binary Converter

A project in which we give data in form of binary your program will give
output in return of that and if user give data in form of text binary of that data will be
e.g word in character =ali your program will show its binary
form=0110000101101100011010010000110100001010 and in same way if you added any binary data it will show its original
Value binary data=011101010110111101100111 so program after working show = uog you can watch this in which this project is shown in working form Take help from this web to check out put

CGpa Calculator

Make a professional looking Cgpa calculator with using graphics.

Quiz Test In ch run program will show 20 questions where so mathematical
question eral questions and some other questions you want. Looks sy no you have
to provide every time different questions and different values for example your answer about following question= 40*34-6 Here 40,34 and 6 are erated by compiler its up to him what's he
erate then you have to check question is correct or not. in end also shows accurecy of user
how much he is lit in % Correct marks=10 points incorrect marks= -5 pointsGmail in this project you have to show all the basic working of Mail service .
user can send mail to any user in a network can receive mail user have to

Calendar Make a calendar show it allow a user to save important to dos in that
calendar make a full calendar of a yr

Dice Game Lotto Game Scientific calculatorSalary calculatorMedia playerGame to guess alphabets missing from giver formProgram to correct grammar mistakes from a paragraphany program using dll file

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