Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Some Library Of C Programming And Its Description

Some Library Of C ProgrammingAnd Its Description

1. <stdio.h>: input and outputfunction in program.2. <conio.h>: to clr screen and pause information function.
3. <ctype.h>: function fortesting characters4. <string.h>: function formanipulating string5. <math.h>: mathmatical function
6. <stdlib.h>: utility function for, conversion, storaglloion7. <assert.h>: function that canbe used to add diagnostics to a program8. <stdarg.h>: function that canbe used to step through a list offunction arguments
9. <setjmp.h>: function that canbe used to avoid the normal call and return sequence10. <signal.h>: function forhandling exceptional conditionthat may arise in a program
11. <time.h>: function formanipulating date and time12. <limits.h>: constantdefinitions for the size of C datatypes13. <float.h>: definitionsrelating to floating-pointarithmetic-->

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