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Oh, we're not driving. We're going to take the subway. The subway only takes about 20 minutes. He saw the accident on the way to school. I don't know how to play golf at all. You go down this road, then at the second light turn left. That road is Main street. You'll go to school tomorrow. Take a chance. He is used to traveling. I don't think it makes him a bad person just because he's decided he likes to t horse mt. Even with all his wlth and fame, he's unhappy. I want you to write to me as soon as you get there.
Logiciel Pour Wifi: - She pushed him out the window.
- She attacked him with her fists.
- If there is anything you want, don't hesitate to ask me.
- Mary always studies for two hours a day.
- I don't feel up to ting anything tonight.
- I felt quite refreshed after taking a bath.
- We swam in the s.
- I can't get away from work now.
- I hope your wish will come true.
- They were all surprised to see me there.
Dinner is probably rdy by now. The strm flows into the pond. I am dying for a cold drink. I didn't expect such a nice present from you. I believe in him. Yh, it's been bothering me since that day. Judy, your husband has a rlly nice car. She called him to say that she'd be late. I want someone to talk to. When do you study?

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