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Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Companies in 2014

Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Companies in 2014

After getting grt response on Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies in 2014 now i decided to write on Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Companies in 2014 on viewers demand. As you all alrdy know about hosting so without wasting single second you have to check below list of Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Companies in 2014
1. HelioHost
It is best rich-ftured free web hosting company that offers almost all the typical ftures like P, cPanel, Java/JSP, remote MySQL, Apache, ruby on rails, SSL, advanced DNS manager and many more. Now i know you must think how can they afford to offer such a large of ftures without any?Simple just by putting advertisements. But as you all know this is quite annoying and will irritate the site visitors, so you may lose your valuable website traffic on other hand in terms of ftures available, heliohost is the best option that's why i put it in my list of Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Companies in 2014. You can also purchase a dedied IPv4 at cost ($12/yr) however HelioHost also plans to offer IPv6 addresses for free once cPanel supports it in their software and it is a big dl.
2. Fortune City

It is one of the lding free web host in the market which offers a cost-free and advertising-supported web hosting service with full FTP, free blog and site builders, 100MB storage and also online file management. This web host is an idl option for the new webmasters, as it offers a simple, template-based builder which is sy to use and fully customizable. But their is one problem as we all know URL of any site is one of the demanding factor for a popular website but Fortune City customers always receive an embarrassingly lengthy name that includes the name of the company, as well as some colons, slashes, and letters.
3. FreeHostingEU

If you want professional and absolutely free hosting services then you must try FreehostingEU. It offers 200 MB of space and 4000 MB of data transfer ch month. Main ftures are included hosting packages like P, Perl, MySQL, Pop3/Imap, CGI, Flash support, SMTP access, Web-based file manager, Webmail, FTP Account, Front page and online File manager etc. It also provides short domain names like, that is more SEO friendly. However it support system is not helpful at all, so customers can't be sure of getting the necessary help in cases they having any problems or questions to ask.
It is one of the best eco-friendly free web hosting service which offers some advanced technologies like MySQL5, P5, CGI databases, Ruby on rail and much more. It offers a lot of free domain names included with ch free hosting package that is a huge benefit for customers. But there is onw major drawback that customers have less security because it provides less security tools which other hosting companies provide so the chances of being spammed and are always high with
5. ServersFree

Serversfree also offers professional free hosting servers with many other amazing ftures like 10GB of space, 100GB of bandwidth. It also provides many other ftures like P, Custom Cron jobs, MySQL, htaccess support, FTP and cPanel etc. this is best for beginners because it offers sy to use website builder with these customers can crte their websites on the free servers in minutes, without any coding and design knowledge but it not provides good online performance. It doesn't have any limit on the of customers server's sharing, so in this way the server be crowded with many websites.
6. Youhosting

This is the best reseller hosting with the ability to offer free accounts with ftures that you choose. It offers 10GB of space with 100GB bandwidth. It also offers unlimited resources if you decided to become their regular contributor on their forums. There is one drawback it only support 8mb file size limit.
7. Myownfreehost
Myownfreehost is best free hosting service provider and If you would like to use and offer free domain s such as .tk and .cc. It is an alternative to using youhosting's reseller program which does not allow the use of these domains.
8. x10hosting

This hosting service also allows .tk s and offers few premium ftures like postgreSQL advanced dns editor and remote mysql.
Visual website builder which offers best packages. It offers free unlimited storage space and bandwidth.

It is sy site builder by providing free host services. blog, forms, polls, Free subdomain
I hope above mentioned list of Top 10 Best Free Web Hosting Companies in 2014 is best use for all those who want free hosting for their sites and specially for beginners so if you also experience anyone else then can suggest Thanks :)

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