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Top 10 Best online backup services || Best cloud backup

Top 10 Best online backup services || Best cloud backup

Still now mostly people think thatpaperworkis better than computer work mn to save important documents in the form of paper(hard copy) is more secure instd of computer files(soft copy) because they thought any kind of virus can remove their important files and s can sily access their sensitive data but we have solution of all these problems to incrse system security. People take backup of data on external hard drive on daily basis and those who have sensitive data on paper both are best way to secure data in many situation but what happened if there's A flood? A fire? A burglary? Or any major disaster which mn you have lose your backup media with your PC, and also rl security that you provided your backup so the solution of all these problem is very simple because technology make it sy for human being and now you'll need to turn to an online backup service. A good online backup service also provides other most useful benefits like synchronizing folders with your other computers and also erating links for files so you can sily and fastly share them with your friends and with awebviewon files you can sily access your files from any device. Sometimes these backup services also include strming, so if you takebackupof your best music collection then you'll play it from any browser, anywhere :)Now you are thinking Which is the best backup service? So you don’t need to worry because here in this post have listed top 10 big name of online backup services through their steps and per yr cost which will help you to decide which one most suitable for you. So have a look below Top 10 Best online backup services

1. Backblaze
Unlimited for $50 (around £32/AU$56) per yr
If you're looking to back up of all your system data and don't need any other extra control then Backblaze is best for your choice because it's fast, rsonably priced and sy to use. The Backblaze can be sily downloaded by PC or Mac users and it quickly installed and running. You don’t need to set up, the program automatically srches for and saves all of your personal files, on your system or even external drives. But it offers limited configuration options without sync and file sharing options.Top Ftures:
It’s sily downloaded by PC or Mac users.It quickly installed and running.It’s fast, less price and sy to use.It doesn’t need any extra setup because program automatically srches for and saves all of your personal files.2. Carbonite HomeUnlimited for $59.99 (around £39/AU$67) per yr
If you are looking for a backup service that you install and forget about, then Carbonite is best for yours choice. It is sily installed on and Mac and you don’t need to tell it what to backup because it provides unlimited storage space. It doesn’t offers synchronization or file sharing options and if make changing in default settings then difficult to manage.Top Ftures:
You don't need to tell it what to back up.sily installed by and Mac users.It offers core backup tools that are sy to use.It provides unlimited storage space.It offers many common backup tasks that you can also manage from ExplorerYou can sily add new files or folders to your backup from the right-click menu.
3. CrashPlan+
Unlimited for US$59.99 (around £39/AU$67) per yr

Crasaln+ is another best way to take online backup for home user because it offers best tools which other not provide. It offers its services for , Mac, Linux and Solaris and you can also access your backed up files via a web interface, or Android, iOS and Phone 7. It doesn’t offer some important ftures like lack of synchronization and has no file sharing or strming of remote files.Top Ftures:
It is most powerful and fast to take backup.It offers best set of tools which are sy to use.It support both compressing and encrypting of backups.It provides more control while taking backups and also send backup alerts via email or Twitter.4. Acronis True Online250GB for £39.95/US$49.99/AU$59.95 per yr

You alrdy familiar with this name because of its popularity as best desktop backup software and now it makes name in the cloud storage world. With this backup service you can use up to five PCs and all of this is accessible from PC client software.Top Ftures:
It offers 250 GB of storage space and unlimited versioning.It provides sy synchronization and file sharing.It offers different tabs which make work simple and sy.
5. Norton Online Backup
25GB for £39.99/US$49.99/AU$79.99 per yr
Norton Online Backup is an idl choice for the home network market because it support up to five PCs or Macs. It offers 25GB storage space which is a low, but you can add more whenever you want. It provides sy file sharing like you can sily back up of your important files like: music, pictures, documents and much more. There is just one problem, it presents services entirely browser-based interface which is slow and erally awkward to use.Top Ftures:
It offers sy file sharing options.It can automatically backup of individual files or folders.
6. ADrive Personal
50GB for free, 250GB for $62.50 (around £40/AU$70) per yr

If you are looking for a backup service with low price then ADrive Personal is best but this is not just its amazing ftures it offers many more. It can upload and manage your files from an Air program, WebDAV or a browser and an FTP client. It also take backup of your remote files and you just give the URL and the service will grab them for you but it offers all these with limited scheduling and without rl configuration options.Top Ftures:
It provides services with low rate.It offers convenient file sharing option.It provides 50GB free account without Air client.It offers 24/7 phone and email alerts which helpful if something goes wrong.
7. Livedrive Backup
Unlimited for £48/US$72 (around AU$83) per yr

Livedrive is another most useful online backup service which provides unlimited storage space. It offers best services for , Mac and mobile clients like Android, iOS, and all 8 devices. It also has some limitations like the system only keeps the last 30 versions of a file and deleted files are lost after 30 days. Most important ftures like sync, file sharing and document editing are only available if you have notably which is most expensive account. It enables only to download single file at a time.Top Ftures:
It offers unlimited storage space.It provides best sync and file sharing options.You can sily enjoy music files without download.
8. Mozy Home
2GB for free, 50GB for £54.89/$65.89 (around AU$95) per yr
One of the most useful backup service for PC and Mac’s users are Mozy Home. It offers simple and sy interface which make it comfort to use. You can save any type of file like pictures, s, music, bookmarks, email and much more this service will protect them for you. It also kept file version only for 30 days and not provides file sharing option with less storage space for your money.Top ftures:
It provides a free 2GB account.It offers vast collection of configuration options.You can sily access your data with Android and iOS devices.
9. SpiderOak Personal
2GB for free, 100GB for US$100 (around £65/AU$112) per yr
One of the most expensive service in the list is SpiderOak Personal. With the help of this service you can use many PCs, Macs and Linux computers on the same account. Most important it remains deleting old file versions after 30 days forever. you can't control its system resources and its performance unpredictable like sometimes it become fast, sometimes slow.Top Ftures:
It remains old deleted files forever.It is best service for advanced users.It offers best file sharing and sync services.It provides excellent security and also offers 2GB free account.
10. Bitcasa
10GB for free, Unlimited for £69 (around US$107/AU$120) per yr
Bitcasa is best online backup service which offers awesome ftures which people demand. It offers its services to vast range of clients like , Mac, and apps for iOS, Android and 8. It is sy to use, you just copy files to its virtual drive and they'll be uploaded to the web.Top Ftures:
It offers 10GB storage space for free account.For paid account it offers unlimited storage space and versioning.It offers high security with simple interface.

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