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Top 10 Websites For Free Photo Manipulation Effects

Top 10 Websites For free Photo Manipulation Effects

If you getting bit bored about how your photos are presented online? And how you can make some fun and humor into it. So you don’t need to bore anymore because without literate to edit and add effects into your photos now you can sily perform all kinds of effects on your photos with the help of online photo manipulation websites. You just need to upload an then you can get some frky manipulated results which just awesome. Here in this post have listed Top 10 Websites For free Photo Manipulation Effects and these all rlly grt sites out there which allows you to add effects to your photo by using their existing effect-templates and the most important part of these websites are most of them are free and output is shown immediately on the fly. So have a look below list of Top 10 Websites For free Photo Manipulation Effects
1. is world's best and most widely used online photo editing service. If you do little srch then you got its name on all sites top in photo manipulation sites list because it offers plenty of effects to get you filled with awesome fun. It not just offers simple effect but also animated one's that simply makes every effect totally live. So now you just need to visit and choose any awesome effect you like from their collection and then click on upload your and after few seconds you will get your with effects added with unbelievable look. Now just click on Save and choose HD version to get that downloaded on your desktop.
2. Picture Mag Effects
Everyone just Love fame but you all thinks its not sy to rn but Picture Mag Effects make it sier to get fame. Now you sily get popular among your friends and family by just posting some cool and awesome pic of you on some random high class magazine. With Picture Mag Effects you can select various magazines from various brands and just manipulate your pic and upload and getting popular.
3. Old Vintage Effect's
Old Vintage is a Japanese website which allows to add vintage style old effects to your s. These effects are just so awesome that rlly turn your current modern to 80's dam! awesome. you just try it i am sure you will rlly love these effects.
4. Super Lame BalloonsOne of my favorite site to add captions on s is Super Lame Balloons. It is very sy to use you just need to click on site and then upload your and add your desired caption and then you can save or email your friends that's it. It offers many shapes like bubbles, stars, clouds and you can even add shadow to your s and you can also add sound FX.
5. Citrify.comIf you looking for a site to adds some effects like instagram with much more se then you have to visit It offers the whole menu and functions which can surely give you some nice effects and you can add plenty of effects without any problem. So now you just need to visit their site and press the start editing option to open the flash editing and then crte and make whatever you want.
6. Fotobabble.comIf you make fun with your s with audio then you have to visit fotobabble because it can sily combine your audio and merged in your s for awesome fun. It also provide option to make your facebook timeline live with their service and you just focus on simply editing.
This site allows you to add disgusting effects on your s like you can add colorful sun glasses, frked up effects, artistic lips and much more :P. Well It offers free service to be used but still they have one limitation that every you crte and download will have that site logo on it embed on the left hand bottom side, but that's not a big dl because its not visible much, so start give your s sily some cartoonish look.
8. TiltShift This site offers some camera blurry effects to your s like adjusting brightness, saturation, contrast and much more. You just open your s and start exploring the possibilities. It's a simple flash appliion so you cannot use it on iPhone and iPad but on PC it works well but it also offers appliion for other devices which you can download for more portable editing.
In20yrs is also one of the free to use website for photo manipulation. Its main focus is to estimate what a person’s face will look like 20 or 30 yrs in the future. It also offers ‘drug addict’ effect for funnier results.
10. LunapicIt is also one of the best photo editing website and offers many ftures ti its users with grt se.
Above mentioned list is bestTop 10 Websites For Photo free Manipulation Effects if you have tried anyone else then you can also recommend in comment box thanks :)Also See: Top 10 Free Websites for Photo Editing

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