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Top 20 Best Quotes Sites

Top 20 Best Quotes Sites
Wise people says Wise things it depends on your ability of understanding you got their point or not but if you got then you got succeeded in your upcoming life. Quotes have long lasting impact on the personality of people and we use many quotes in daily life which we have listened from our parents or elders. Nowadays most of us internet users and connected with social medias so we explain our emotion and feelings in the form of s with quotes so quotes become very important posts on social medias and ch second million of posts are publish on internet so people want to know sites or place to get new and fresh quotes so here in this post have listed Top 20 Best Quotes Sites which is very helpful for all of you so now you don't need to srch anymore for quotes just click on below listed your favorite quote site and get your quotes.
1. Brainyquote
Brainyquote is one of the best quote websites which offers thousands of quotes in every egory like friendship quotes, funny quotes, love quotes, motivational quotes and many more. It is also one of the most popular quote directories on the web which provides free quotes with also social sharing options. This site also offers picture quotes which very useful for your social accounts.
2. Grt-Quotes
Grt Quotes is rlly offers grt quote and it is best site where you can find all types of quotes like picture quotes, poems, jokes, quotes and quote authors. It is one of the best place on the web to find thousands of quotes and you can also submit your own quotes on the web publicly.
3. Srchquotes
This is one of the best quote srch engine which allows to find all types of quotes and sayings sily. It allows users to share and find useful quotes and you can also find picture quotes on all topics such as love quotes, picture friendship quotes, popular art, funny quotes and eduional quotes etc. So in short its very useful quote sharing website.
4. Quoto
Quoto is also one of the best quote website where you can find more than 150000 quotes. With large collection of quotes so its grt site to find popular sayings, love, funny, friendship, motivational and many more. Quoto is also one of the perfect place to find popular quotes of famous persons.
5. Quotelicious
Quotelicious is a useful quote site where you can find a good collection of popular sayings and quotes. This site also offers huge collection of quotes in almost all egories like love, life, funny, entertainment and friendship etc. You can also copy your favorite quotes to share them on your social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many others.
6. Quotesdaddy
Quotesdaddy is another largest quote sharing websites on the internet that offers more than a million quotes in almost all topics. It also allows users to share their quotes on the web to get popularity. In short it is grt site for sharing and srching useful quotes.
7. The Quote Garden
It is one of the oldest quote site which was started in 1998 and offers large collection of grt quotes. Thousands of internet users visit everyday this site to find their interested quotes. It also offers quotes on every topic like love, funny, friendship, life and hlth quotes.
8. Thinkexist
Thinkexist was built in 1999 and one of the biggest quote directory which offers more than 300000 quotes by 20000 authors. Here you can srch the quotes by authors, words, topics and some other terms. You can also vote quote, suggest a revision, send a card and do some other things, but some may require for all this.
9. Quotationspage
Quotationspage was established in 1994 and it is one of the most popular sites for quotes and sayings. you can find all types of quotes by authors or topics from more than 26,000 quotations by 3,100 authors and it also provides a forum to discuss quotes. After you can also add quotes to your quotations page or send them to your friends.
10. Movemequotes
Movemequotes is not a quote site but it offers grt collection of motivational & Inspirational quotes and sayings. If you want to share grt thoughts with your friends on social networks then you must visit the site to find motivational and inspirational quotes.
11. Quotes.netThis site listed with thousands of quotations which you can be browsed, hrd, srched and translated into many languages. You can srch quotes by Author, Subject or from . A little pointer at the end of ch quote which takes it to its individual page where you can click the voice icon to hr quote aloud, translate through a drop down, rate or add it to your bibliography.
12. Quotations Book
IT is one of the very nt website with a community feel among all listed in this post. You can srch for a quotation or pick up by People or Tags and can send it across to friends or discuss it at the website forum.
13. Famous Quotes and Authors

This site also offers large collection of Quotations. You can find your favorite quotes from 25,000 quotations and these all arranged by usual Topic, Author and Most Popular. If you are srching for a site which only has to be about the sayings of the wise and famous then you must visit this site.
14. Wisdom QuotesWisdom Quotes was built in 1995 and it offers many challenging, inspiring and interesting quotes which chosen by its owner Jone Johnson.You can sily srch quotes by topic, the author index, or check out the newest quotes.
15. QuotikiIt is a Wiki for quotations and just like any Wiki you can submit, rate, edit and collate quotes. It offers a collection of 1,300+ quotes and the site is simplistic with a srch box and tabs which allows to find quotes by Sources, Tag, People and Users.
16. Quotes4all
This site offers random quotes and author photo. Quotations can be srched by Authors, Voting, Topics or Random choice. This site also offers animation section which simply are Java ts displaying scrolling quotes.
17. Quoteland
This is best quote website which offers many quotations which you can srch by topic or author. you can rate every quote and send it to your friends, bookmarks and some other things.
18. The Board of Wisdom
One of the most unique site in above mentioned all quote websites is The Board of Wisdom because it mainly submitter from its users, so you can find here many new but funny quotes and sayings from its users.You can sily find your desired quotes by subjects, best quotes, most emailed or like some other terms. It also offers the facility to discuss, email quotes after s.
19. WikiquoteIt is a sister project to Wikipedia. One of the biggest fture of Wikiquote is that there are many quotes in different languages of different countries and you can srch the quotes by people, s, proverbs, some other egories and by any words and many other random quotes.
20. WorldOfQuotes
This website offers more than 59,000 quotes which organized in over 1,300 topics, 17,000 proverbs in over 300 egories from many nations, and 10,000 authors. So you can sily srch the quotations by authors, topics or proverbs.
Again, all the quotes on the above Top 20 Best Quotes Sites are 100% free and no required. So now you just click on your favorite site and got your desired quote. If you also experience any other site then can enhance this list by using comment box Thanks :)

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