Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Top 20 Do Follow Directory Submission List 2014 USA UK

Every one is familiar about how to crte a website or blog but not have enough knowledge how to get high rank of blog orwebsitein srch engine.SEO,word,srch description,meta description all are those factors which helps you to get high traffic.But most effective way for high quality blogs as suggested by most successful bloggers is submission of blogs in directories.Submission of blog in different directories is most powerful source to optimize blog or website.It helps to up your blog in srch engine.Getting backlinks is also necessary phenomena for a blog or website.There are many method to have backlinks on your website,but directory submission is more effective.BY directory submission of your blog you get high quality of your blog as well as backlinks behinds articles of blog.
What is directorysubmission:You have hrd about directory but not know about what is directory submission.Now let me explain about directory submission in simple words.Its just a groups of websites of different egories related or unrelated to your blog or websites.Its too much simple and sy to submit blogs in these directories.Just you need to register your blog or website and you able to submit your blog in directory list.
Directory Submission List:There are a lot of directory submission list available on internet but all are not as much effective come up your blog in srch engine.So, to facilitae you I have collected list of top 20 Do Follow Directory list.These list of directories have high google rank as describe below.All of these drectories are best to get backlinks which are given below.
Sr. No.
Google Page

Final Words:Blog's submission in directories is most powerful and effective phenomena to get high rank in srch engine.You can get high quality of your content without any cost.We recommend new bloggers to submit their blogs in these directories.If you have any query you may ask them by lving your valuable comments.

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