Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Top 5 Android's Hlth and Fitness Apps

Top 5 Android's Hlth and Fitness Apps
There are many kinds ofandroid appliions,now technology has found hlth and fitness appliion.Hlth apps are best source to keep yourself hlthy and energetic.Now you do not need to go in gym and spend your hard rned money to keep you hlthy.These apps make your life style hlthy and sier.These also tells you how many calories are suitable for your hlth per day.Here are top ten fitness and hlthy apps.

1. Instant Hrt Rate

Instant Hrt Rate android's app allows you to msure your hrt extra hardware is required to msure hrt not only gives you numerical value but also provide you a PPG graph.It record full history of hrt bt msured.

2. Garmin Fit
This android's app work as training tool.user can view statistics for walking, running or cycling.It tell you how much distance you have traveled and how many calories are support sound track.

JEFIT is a largest body building app of android.It provide you a source for body building and weight training.It give two way synchronization,make you regular and make your weight lifting progress better.

4. QuitNow!
Smoking is a serious thrt and constant smoking ld you a dying life.This app named as "quite now" helps you to lve this addiction and move to a prosperous life.This app give you tips to lve smoking,count the day without smoking.Lving this habit save your time and money.

5. runstar

Runstar app provide you ha functional interface which give you powerful running experience.this is best source to make you hlthy and has four modes of run.It energize you when you need to set goal with time and distance and this app track your progress.-->

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