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12 Ways to get traffic to your website or blog

12 Ways to get traffic to your website or blogMany of the people who made a blog have some problems with theirbloggingbut there is a main problem facing by everybloggerthat they don’t getting goodtrafficto their blogs and this thing is very pain full to them. Here we tell you about the ways that how you canimprove the traffic of your blogthere are many ways to improve thetraffic of your blogsome of the ways are given below.
1) Blog Commenting

The firstbest way to incrse your blog trafficis to Comment on the popular blogs or websites. But there is a point that you have to keep in your mind that the website you are commenting on must have a relevant content to your blog. You can put some question in the comment which attracts the visitors to see your site becauseblog commentingsites give you permission to place your link in comment. In this way you can suck their pr juice by placing your blog url.
2) Article Commenting
You can also comment on the good articles which are placed on good page rank sites. You can go on article submission sites and place your comment here and also place your blog URL there. With this way you can drive some visitors to your blog. if you place your comments on this site you have some good results. This is also agood way to incrse the blogtraffic.
3) Social Bookmarking Sites

This is an sy and a major way toincrse the traffic of your blogbecausesocial bookmarkingsites have a lots of visitors on their platform if you add your blog to these bookmarking sites then you have a bulk of new visitors. You are also familiar with some bookmark sites like facebook, twitter and dig these sites provide you space to post and add your blog. Every time when you post comment to your website then also put this post link to these bookmarking sites.
4) Article Submission

Article submission to other site is a difficult work but have some good result. In this method you write articles and put these article toarticle submissionsites you can place anchor text and give you website url in these articles and with this work your website have a lot of visitors in such a short period. You have to find some high page rank article submission sites for this purpose.
5) Mailing List

erates a mailing record from your nrly everyone much-loved follower. As time-consuming as public decide to take delivery of packages, you can almost certainly acquire gone with a bundle of stdy amount of visitors to your website. This is a immense method to be reminiscent your supporters of latest content.

6) Join forums

You can join forums and place there your blog. This is a best way toincrse your trafficbecause forums has abig amount of trafficin them if you chose a forum relevant to your blog then you have a grt amount of traffic on your blog and this is totally sure thing. A tells that the 75 % traffic of the blogs come from forums.
7) Free marketing Forums
There are also a lot of free of charge promotion forums with the purpose of you be able to place on to stretch the statement of your website or manufactured goods. Stick together with these forums and obtain additionaltraffic to yourblogs orsites all the way through this free marketing way.

8) substitute Links
A of websites provide you a choice to exchange links you can place these website link to your site and in the return they place your blog orwebsite linkon their website and with this work you can make a goodtrafficon your blog.9) Advertisements
If you have some money toadvertiseyour blog or site then you can advertise your site with the help of Google adwords andGoogle adwordscan give you a oftrafficbut this method require money.

10) Submit your blog or site To Srch Engines
There is another good way to incrse your traffic that you should submit your site to the srch engine there are a lots of srch engine and you have to submit on theses all srch engine to incrse your traffic with this way you can get a lots of traffic.
11) Post Content regularlyGoogle wants to provide people with new and latest content and he raise those websites which put some posts and content at regular basics. If you post just 2 days in a week then your Google reputation is fall and you don’t have good traffic. You have to post new contents daily to your blog or site to get a big amount of traffic.
12) excellence of Content

The main thing you have to do is to crte a solid quality content if you take copy write content then Google does not give youtrafficbut if you write a good content and write content with your own resources then defiantly you get a good traffic and Google also like you and your site and give you traffic
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