Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to Download on IPhone and other IOS Devices?

How to Download on Iphone and other IOS Devices?
People use different soft and apps to share and download their data files. become one of the most famous to download all kinds of files. You can download Files sily in your PC and laptop but when you just have iPhone then what to do? Here in this post we have a solution for your problem so now you can sily Download on your iPhone as well other IOS devices. If you want to download on your iPhone (after jailbrk) then 1st you need to get a simple software called iTransmission you can sily get this app and then install on your mobile you can also get this app from Cydia App store without any cost.Download Link: iTransmission
When download iTransmission in iPhone there is a small icon will appr on your Springboard just like below.
Method to Download on iPhone or iPad:
If you want to install app on iPhone 1st you need to jailbrk it.Now click on icon and you will see screen like below and some options in bottom.
Now when you download you click on + symbol and after clicking you will see some options like below .
Now click on URL and after clicking URL you receive screen alert just like below and now Just Add URL( link of what you want to download) then click OK.
Now it will be added to your main menu and at start it will be paused, so tapping on the green resume button will start download.Tapping on a will also show you some detailed information about the downloading .
After finishing downloading you can receive a option to delete from your downloading list or you can delete everything.

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