Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Look At What’s New In Mozilla Firefox 23 | Download Mozilla Firefox 23

What’s New In Mozilla Firefox 23
Firefox is best browser for window PC with its exclusive ftures.Firefox’s quicker improvement cycle is helping its userbase well. Mozilla relsed Firefox 23 for desktops, just six weeks after the previous relse. Updated logo, new UI for managing mixed content, and a new Network Monitor tool for developers all are new tools which are recently added in Firefox 23.Below is short review about these new exclusive ftures of Firefox 23.

Twked Logo

Firefox was relsed in 2005,since 2005 its logo is same.New thing is that multiple twk has been included in Firefox 23. The modernized logo removes shine from the sphere and surplus fur detail from the fox, and include superior tail colors to get better its visibility.

New Developer Tool: Network Monitor
Firefox has built in tools for web development, making it a most wanted among developers. “Network Monitor” is new tool which has been added in Firefox 23. You can see website loading method in browser,file domain, type, size, and time taken for loading. Network monitor is useful for web developers.
Mixed Content Blocking For Protection Against Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

Firefox 23 allows its user Mixed Content Blocking For Protection Against Man-In-The-Middle Attacks.Websites that use HTTPS for contact but have some apprehensive HTTP elements are called Mixed Content websites. Firefox 23 has amazing ftures to dl with these sites. Firefox blocks the more aggressive Mixed ‘Active’ Content by default, but allows you to disable blocking it by clicking on the shield icon in the address bar.
A More Functional UI For About:memory

Firefox has drastically enhanced memory management.Firefox 23 take a better about memory UI.

Functionality-Brking Checkboxes Removed From Preferences

You can disable JavaScript, automatic loading of s, and ‘always show’ status of the tab bar with a simple checkbox visible under Preferences > Content in previous version of Firefox. These options have been removed which make Firefox 23 much pretty and appling.

New Social Sharing API

Mozilla has added new APIs in Firefox 23 that will allow developers to share link with Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Pocket etc.
Other Changes.
Exclusive ftures and twks in Firefox 23 has been included. simplified UI for plugin installation, improved H.264 decoding, and various security fixes has been added.

Download Firefox 23

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