Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to install Google Play store on the HCL me u1 tablet Solved

How to install Google Play store on the HCL me u1 tablet
When you buy HCL ME tablet mostly Google play store is not pre-installedin it,when you download and install it you will facethis message"UnfortunatelyGoogleplay storestoppedthe work'' if you came here for srching over that problem so let me tell you that it is not sy to get hell out from this problem many people are facing this problem ofplay storebecause withoutplay storedevice called as "un-root device" mns it doesn't have any store same likejail brkingstuff for IOS devicesOKi should shut up , let me tell u whole process its 112 Mb file first u have to download Rar file extract it and follow the instructions given below.

Step By Step process to installplay storeon HCL me u1 tablet
1. Download this ".rar" file(111 MB).
2. Extract the ".rar" file to your desired loion.
3. From the extracted files, run "MPtool.exe".
4. Once opened, select the "setting" tab.
5. In the "PAK file" select "vortex.pak".
6. Ensure that the HCL me tablet u1 is fully charged(Green notifiion light).
7. Switch off the fully charged tablet and disconnect from power.
8. Connect to the computer in which you installed the file through the USB cord provided.
9. Once connected, press the power button and the volume+ button at the same time.
10.The computer rds the tablet as a VDfu .
11.The MPtool scans the tablet and rds it.
12.Once scanned, the update button must be clicked in order to install Google Play.
13.Once updated, disconnect the USB.
14.Switch on the tablet, it may take a little while to load.
15.This way, Google Play is successfully installed.

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1. Ensure that the tablet is fully charged before attempting to install Google Play.
2. The method has been tried and tested, without any effects whatsoever on the tablet.
3. I've been using the Play store for three months now, and it works without any virtual lag.
4. It does not void your warranty in anyway.
5. Plse share and comment if the method works with you(Which it surely will!).
6. If you have any problems with the installation, plse comment.
7.Downloads work perfectly fine!

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