Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Automatically Post Birthday Wishes In Facebook

Automatically Post Birthday Wishes In Facebook

Most of us wish Birthdays to our friends on Facebook. But we miss some of them because we can not be there at Facebook every time. Moreover wishing after midnight is also a problem for some of us. SO today i am gonna share a website that can solve this problem which is “birthdayFB“. It simply schedules all the Facebook wall posts and publish them on your friend’s Birthdays. You can plan all the posts in just one setting. You can also choose the pre-defined messages or can write your own custom ones.SO here we go-->

1. Login to Facebook.
2. Open
3. Now you need to connect your Facebook account with the website. So click on “Connect with Facebook”.
4. Allow the appliion to post on your behalf and also to access your data any time.

5. Now you will see the list of all your friends which have their Birthdays in upcoming days. You can write a message for anyone or everyone, just click on write message to select a pre-defined Birthday message or a new custom message. You can also hide the person if you don’t want to wish them through birthdayFB.
6. You can also edit the preferences like setting the time at which your Birthday wishes will be posted and your Email updates frequency. You can also delete your account from this menu if you decide to stop using birtdayFB.
Also visit bellow link for more Birthday Wishes:Birthday Wishes
NOTE : You may experience some problems while accessing birthdayFB sometimes. This would be a temporary problem and the site works fine otherwise. If you get a “MySQL Connect Error” then just refresh the page after 1 or 2 minutes and the site will start to work.
So now you will not say this :P

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