Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Best Android mobile security apps to protect Android data

Best Android mobile security apps to protectAndroid data
Best Android mobile security apps to protectAndroid datatheft :- “Trusted Apps”

Lookout Mobile Security :-One of the most trusted appsamong all mobile securityapps, it comes in both frend premium versionhaving different ftures inch egory. With freeversion you can scan for anti-viruses, Trojans, spyware andblock malware. You can scanevery app and filedownloaded. In addition tothat you can also loe yourstolen mobile and can restoreyour lost contacts too.Being a premium user of this app you’ll getprotection againstphishing, data theft, secure webbrowsing and more a secureprivacy protection. You can restore your photo’s aswell as recent call list on the phone.

Privacy Inspector :- The appcomes with id “Find outexactly what your apps aredoing “. Yes and it does thesame as it says. Being a liteversion of app "PrivacyBlocker” it lets you knowabout the handling dataability of ch app. How muchyour phone’s data every appis accessing without yourknowledge, it tells you.This app scans of ch appinstalled and list them rating as“Good” and “Bad” , letting youknow how much your privacy isshared. A grt app to check allyour installed apps for privacyprotection.

Webroot :- Like LookoutMobile Security App, it alsocomes with free and remiumversion. Webroot MobileSecurity Basic being a freeversion protects your androiddevice against anti-virusesand other malicious software.You remain free fromunwanted calls and textmessages can remotely lockyour phone.

Loky :- Got some private andpersonal data stored on yourphone, scared of getting itstolen by various apps or bysome other user. Loky hidesall your data safely andprotects you from intentionalAndroid data theft. You aregiven a PIN to log in the appand then you can safely hideyour data inside.As this app crtes a safe zone for your data, youcan hide anything from textmessages, contact lists, photos etc.They will not appr to anyonewho scans your phone until youare logged in. It’s a very securnd trusted app when it comes to hide privatedata. Go for itblindly.-->

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