Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Main Differences between 7 and 8

Main Differences between7 and 8

1. Boot time: win7 48sec. win810sec.

2. Desktop : hasreplaced the normal shortcuticons with dynamic tiles. Youcan change their size and placesimilar appliions aroundch other- or anything else that may suit you.
3. Mounting iso s:7 could only anISO to a but8 actually bettersthis by offering you the optionto mount the too. In 7, you didn’t havethe option to make virtualdrives to use the ISO ’scontent but 8 allowsyou to crte a virtual drive tomount the ISO so that you can sily use it just like anormal .
4. Built-in Antivirus(bad newsfor s):8 has an antiviruspresent inside the kernelof the operating system. Thismns that your system won’t boot if a corrupt USB device isplugged in. It sounds impressivethough I don’t know whether itwould pass the test of time….and viruses! All in all, I doexpect 8 to be a serious upgrade on 7and with working onthe things that require sometwking
5. Multiple monitors support in : announced thatcustomers can use more thanone monitor to connect with8 operating system.-->

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