Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to Abstain From BY Disabling Java On Browser

are going to attack on Twitter, Facebook and Mac employees through Java.To abstain from simply disable Java from your browsers. In order to disable Java follow the given below method.You can also add Java in future if you want on Safari,Google Chrome,Internet Explore etc.Disable Java in Chrome:

Follow the steps to disable Java in Google Chrome.
1). Open Google Chrome browser.
2). Type the text below in the browser’s address bar and Press ENTER.


You will get the screen like this. Scroll down to Java and disable by clicking the link.

Disable Java in Firefox:
Open Mozilla Firefox and click the Firefox button at the top. Choose the Add-ons from the drop menu.
Select the Plugins tab from the left side bar, and click on disable button on java add-on.

Disable Java in Safari:
You can disable java add-on by going Safari settings > preference.

Click on Security pane and uncheck Enable Java box to disable java from safari.

Disable Java in Internet Explore:
On internet Explorer, click on tools button on right top corner, select Manage add-ons >> Toolbars & Extensions and scroll down until see Java.

Click on java plug in line, click on disable button on the bottom of the screen.
Finally you can make sure you disabled the java for your browser.-->

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