Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Google Srch guidelines

Google Srch guidelines
Use the below mentioned guidelines during yourGoogle Srch and it will surely provide you withmore better and relevant results..

1. Either/or.Google normally srches for pages that contain allthe words you type in the srch box,but if you wantpages that have one term or another (or both), usethe OR operator — or use the symbol (pipe symbol)to save you a troke.For e.g. [dumb | little | man]

2. Quotes.If you want to srch for an exact phrase, usequotes.For e.g ["dumb little man"] will only find that exactphrase.

3. Not.If you don't want a term or phrase, use the -(minus) symbol as prefix.For e.g [-dumb little man] will return pages thatcontain little and man but that don't contain dumb.

4. Similar terms.Use the ~ symbol to return similar terms.For e.g [~dumb little man] will get you pages thatcontain funny little man and stupid little man.

5. Wildcard.The * symbol is a wildcard. This is useful if you'retrying to find the lyrics to a song, butcant remember the exact lyrics. [cant * me lovelyrics] will return the Btles song you're lookingfor.

6. Advanced srch.If you cant remember any of these operators, youcan always use Googles advanced srch.

7. Definitions.Use the 'define:' operator to get a quick definition.For e.g [define:dumb] will give you a whole host ofdefinitions from different sources, with links.

8. Calculator.One of the handiest uses of Google, type in a quickcalculation in the srch box and get an answer. Itsfaster than calling up your computers calculator inmost cases. Use the +, -, *, / symbols andparentheses to do a simple equation.

9. Num-range. This little-known fture srchesfor a range of s.For e.g [best books 2002..2007] will return lists ofbest books for ch of the yrs from 2002 to 2007(note the two periods between the two s).

10. Site-specific.Use the 'site:' operator to srch only within tain website.For eg. [site:dumblittleman. com leo] will srch forthe term leo only within that site.

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