Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Control Your PC With Twitter || TweerMyPC app

How To Control Your PC With Twitter ||TweetMyPCapp
World is progressing and touching the heights of sky. As need are incrsing,inventions are happening.Technoy is at top in its progress.Many discovery and new method has been crted to facilitate human being.Computer is amazing invention of technology.Computer has left behind the human mind.Now, you personal computer is also in your approach.Many software has been discovered to control computer.If you are going anywhere outside the home and you forgot to lock your personal will be worry whether some one will access you personal data.Do not worry, yhere is solution of your problem.You can control your computer anywhere if you have installed VCN on your system.But if you have no any setup of remote desktop on your system then do not worry,Now technology has move forward enough,you can control your system with Twitter (social network).You can shutdown your PC with Tweet.TweetMyPC allows you to control your computer and shutdown at any place, where you are. Follow below steps to lrn How To Control Your PC With Twitter.
To start sending a tweet command,

1). Go to the TweetMyPC download page.

2). Download the appliion for your PC.

3). Now Install the downloaded file.

4).After installation launch the appliion.

5). Login in your Twitter account.

6). Click Authorize App by entering email address and .

7). A PIN will be given, copy this pin.

8). Reverse to TweetMyPC appliion on your computer, paste the pin in the given column and click OK.

9). You are able to send command to your computer by your Twitter account. To srch commands, go to About and select Basic Command List.

10). A web page will open with multiple list of command like shutdown, restart, lock, logoff and many more.You can use specific command to your computer from your twitter account.

How to know what is happening on your PC.
You can use screenshot command.This command will inform you what is happening on your system when you are not using your computer.

How to give command to your PC
To give any command like “restart” to your system from your twitter simply tweet ‘restart’, and your computer will be restart.

What happen when you tweet a command:
Tweet status will appr When you tweet a command from your Twitter account and TweetMyPC will identify it and send an command to your computer. When command is sent to your computer, it will tweet a status to your Twitter account.
When your computer get command TweetMyPC will follow the command and notifiion will appr.

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