Wednesday, May 18, 2016

MINI Mobile Printer For Android Smartphone

Printer is very important device to get the hard copy of your desired soft copy. In past big size of printers are used but with the passage of time the size of every hardware become smaller so printer also available in small size. Most of us now use android devices which make people life more sier and fast. Smartphone are mostly used instd of laptops or PC because every fture which you see in your laptop also available in your smartphone so its more comfort for people to carry less weight things so now printers are also available for smart. So here in this post you come to know about the Mini Mobile printer for Android Smart.

1. It can print photos from your smartphone sily, without a cable

2. Its available to connect Android Smartphone with Bluetooth / NFC / USB Cable.

3. Download the Pocket Photo app to edit your photos.

4. You can upload and share your pics on Facebook, Twitter, and much more.

5. It is only for Android phone, Not for iPhone.
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