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How to Crte a Free Blog On Blogger with Proper Configuration,SEO and Layout

Bloggeris an online service owned byGoogle.Blogging is source ofonline rningby writing post for visitors. Blogger is best services than other novice bloggers with friendly interface.By blogging not only you rn money,you get opportunity to improve your knowledge when you write guest post for your visitors.If you want to make a blog and do not have enough knowledge, then this post is for you.This post will guide you and tell youhow to make a free blog,how to configure your blog and full guidance about SEO and layout of blog.So, let's know how toHow to Crte a Free Blog On Blogger with Proper configuration,SEO and Layout.Follow below steps for every specific task.

How to crte a free blog on Blogger:
1). Go to

2). Sign in with your g mail account. If you have no any GMail account then sign up to make an account on g mail,then sign in to

3). Enter user name or display name which will appr on your blog when you post.

4). Click on "crte your blog".

5). Select a “Blog title” and URL for your blog. You can check if the URL you are considering is available by clicking "Check Availability".

6). Select any template from list of blogger template which will act as basic layout of your blog.

7). You can download any theme from Internet for your blog and can customize it.

8). After choosing template, click on "start Blogging".

Layout:Blogger's Layout fture is editing fture to edit andcustomize your Blogger templatewithout any knowledge of HTML or CSS. You can edit and customize the colors, fonts, hder and sidebar of your blog with a few clicks of the mouse.
How to configure proper layout on blog:To customize your blog's layout, go to the Layout tab on most left side of blog's dashboard.How to arrange elements in your templateIn layout tab you can move elements by dragging, add gadgets and edit elements in templates.

Editing elements in your templateYou can edit following elements of template.
Navbar: Select the color you'd like your Navbar to be.
Hder: Add or edit the hder of your blog, which includes your blog title and blog description.
Blog posts: Choose the of posts to display on your main page.
Profile: Edit/add your profile title, 'About Me' description, and loion.
Blog archive: Edit/add your blog archive title, display style and archive frequency.

How to add a gadgetYou can add gadgets to your blog page or sidebar by clicking Add a gadget. This will open a pop-up window. Click + in the proper element section to add.

SEO(Srch Engine Optimization):SEO is a tool to improve traffic on your blog.Perfect SEO of your blog or website allows your blog to get high rank in srch engine.To be get high rank in srch engine, your blog have SEO.
12 Ways to Get Traffic to BlogHow to do SEO on Blog:Below are some tips which will aware you about perfect SEO of your blog.
Alternatives to Google word Planner Tool
Add Original Content:Pure and original content in blog post is big factor to be high in srch engine.Avoid copy paste material in your blog's post.
Use Short URL for blog:Avoid large URL ans use short URL which will be sily memorable to your daily visitors.Srch engine will take long time to srch if you have select long URL for your blog.
Interlinking to blog post:Always interlink old post with new blog post.This is effective way of SEO.
Submit blog in directories:To more SEO, submit your blog in different directories to have high rank in srch engine. Directory Submission List 2014

words is best fture of SEO.Use word in blog's post, article, title ,in description and srch deception.
Add Sharing Buttons
Adding social buttons on blog to share blog post on social media.This is big source to get high traffic on blog.

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