Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to Download YouTube s On Android ?

How to Download YouTube s On Android ?

YouTube is the World's best site for watching, downloading and uploading s. We all love to watch s on our PC or Laptop, but according to recent s and reports use of Smart become common among massive so people don't have time to use their personal computers so they prefer their phone instd of PC or Laptop. Android is just awesome OS for mobiles and don't need any introduction and it is the most common OS use in mobiles. So now a days it is big issue how to watch YouTube s on Android Phone because of slow buffering, their is simple solution and that is download your desired and watch it. Here in this post have explain How to Download YouTube s On Android ?
1. TubeMate

TubeMate is a free YouTube Downloader app that lets you download and watch YouTube s on an Android device. If you're a YouTube addicted, then TubeMate is best YouTube Downloader. It also allow to watch on your phone, download YouTube s in a variety of formats and resolutions.
How to get TubeMate?
TubeMate has been removed from Android Market due to violation of Google's Policy. Now it is very difficult for so many users to find it on Google Play Store.
Download TubeMate on Android Device and install itIf you can't install then go to Appliions and check "Allow Installation of Non Market Apps."How to use TubeMate for downloading?

Open TubeMate and Srch for file
Click on your desired which you want to download, you will see a Green Arrow option click on it.
After it a window will appr just like below download and watch, click download.
In this Step you can select resolution and other options like save as and many more
That's it your will be downloaded :)

2. Download YouTube OnlineIn this method you can directly download by just placing the URL in download column.Go to place the URL of which you want to download.Click download that's it your download will start automatically.3. WonTube for Android

WonTube is the another most useful app for those who love watching s on YouTube using their Android. WonTubeis an essential app for anyone who is connected to the YouTube content.
Download WonTubeYou can directly enter URL or can also use srch optionwhen you find just go to the upper right corner and click download option there.Now you are asked to choose the resolution select which one suits you best

That's it your download will start automatically :)

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