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Top 5 Companies Owned by Google Which Changed People Life

Top 5 Companies Owned by Google Which Changed People Life

The word Google doesn't need any introduction because its not just familiar word between internet users but even layman also know its mning and uses. Its very hard to imagine internet without Google so its most important in the whole world of Technology. Google is well know as best srch engine, but now Google is not just a srch engine. Google offers many services to the people with it's products and there are many people from whole world who drm of getting a Job in Google. Blogging is the one of the best example of its products, because our Blog is running on Blogger platform which is powered by Google. Lot of others products of Google which we are using in our daily life. Recently Google had acquired nrly 100 companies. Here in this post have listed Top 5 companies which owned by Google and these companies changed people life. How these companies changed and what is affect of these companies on people life have discussed in this post.
1. Google AdSense
Google AdSense is not actually a product of Google, it a product of Applied Semantics company and the company sold the Google AdSense to Google in 2003. Now Google is richest company in the world, you may thinking from where Google is getting money even after giving almost all it's services and products free to its users? Its answer is very simple and that is Google AdSense and Google Adwords. So, now you will surely understand, how much Google AdSense and Adwords are a important for Google. Both lets Google to make money by displaying the ads on its free products which people use daily. Google AdSense and Adwords not only helping Google, these both also helping Advertisers in rching their products to the people and most important also help people to get free product services from Google. These also helping the Google publishers to make money from Google e.g we use Google Adsense on All You Need to monetize our blog.
2. BloggerBlogger was 1st launched by Pyra Labs in 1999 and then was acquired by Google in 2003. Google made all the premium ftures of Blogger free of cost after buying it and now Blogger is one of the grt free service from Google which allow people to start their own blogs for free of cost. People who used this service or still using just love this and ALL you Need is one of the best example of this service on Blogger. Blogger is one of the best Blogging platform in entire world because it is now in top 100 Sites (According to Alexa Rank).
3. Android

Android was acquired by Google in 2005 from Android Inc which was founded by Rich Miner, Chris White, Andy Rubin and Nick Srs. Many people have thought Google is entering into mobile market after Google attained Android, and which became true. Android is just awesome, amazing and best mobile operating system(OS) and all mobile users loved Android OS because it has changed the lifestyle of People around the world and made life comfortable. It is the top mobile operating system and now powering 900+ Million Devices all over the world. This operating system was powered by Linux and it is only the top open source operating system. Android supports many third party apps, these apps are around 975.000+ in Google play store. There are a lot of posts on Android, so if you bit srch then you got some useful posts on Android.
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4. YouTubeWatch YouTube s with Fast BufferingYouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 and it is the 3rd biggest acquisition of YouTube by Google till now (1st is acquisition of and 2nd is acquisition of Double click). Now YouTube is the one of the best online sharing and watching site. It is not actually a Google Product, It was started by 3 guys Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. These all were former employees of The id of starting a sharing site came to the founders when they faced problems in sharing their works and also tp media said that YouTube was inspired from a dating site Not Or Hot. If you want to see 1st on YouTube then you have to Click below link:YouTube

5. Picasa

Picasa is the one of best free editing and hosting site and it is powered by internet Big Boss Google. Google acquired it by from Lifescape (IdLab) in 2004. It provides best way to organize, edit and upload photos to Picasa Web Albums and it also offers unlimited bandwidth and you can upload via your Blogger blogs or using Google account. Picasa is also powered with many ftures like Face recognition, Geo Tagging and much more. Picasa is available for Linux, and Mac for free of cost.
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