Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to enable private browsing in iPad / iPhone

How to enable private browsing in iPad / iPhoneHow to enable private browsing in iPad / iPhone
ipad Private browsing is best option if you want to purchase online gift or any other thing.If you do any online gift shopping, or a variety of other things on the web that you don’t want others to discover, then enabling ipadprivate browsing is a good choice for you. Private browsing allows you to browse the web with no cutback a record of browser history, logins, srches, and anything else would in eral be noticble by whoever comes across the iOS device. You can facilitate private browsing in Safari for the iPhone, iPad,and iPod touch in iOS5.In order to facilitate private browsing in Safari on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch follow given below steps.

Steps to enableipadprivate browsing:

1). Click on “Settings” icon in your iDevice.

2). Navigate to and click on “Safari”

3). Under ‘Privacy’ slide the switch next to “Private Browsing” so that it displays “ON”

4). You can additional squeeze the Safari privacy by adjusting cookie actions in the same menu. You can set allow Cookies to “Never, From Visited or Always”.

5). You can stop private browsing by going back to the same menu and sliding ‘ON’ to “OFF”. There is no destruction if you exit private mode ‘ON’ all the time.

Note: If you have Google Chrome in your iPad or iPhone, you can enable private browsing in chrome browser. Method is same as explained above for Google Chrome.

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