Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Top 10 Tips to Incrse your MyLikes rnings

10 Tips to Incrse your MyLikes rnings

MyLikes is a grt money making service that allows you to make money by sharing the things you like. You can share them onFacebook,Twitter, YouTube or your blog and website.
Here I'm sharing my own experience of using MyLikes. I'm using MyLikes for two months and I've lrned in these two months that can rlly incrse your MyLikes rnings. Check them out and try this for yourself to see that these tips will make a difference and make you more money with MyLikes.
1. Follow the notes and instruction!Follow the small note that comes along with ch post that you're going to post via MyLikes. This note can be found in the upper left side of the posting page and it's often not seen by the users. This can ld to complains and stories that MyLikes is a scam, but if you check these instructions more carefully you'll see what you're dling with. Most of the posts are targeting the United States and most of the advertisers pay just for clicks on Twitter, YouTube and your blog. I haven't seen a single post that would pay for clicks coming from Facebook so don't bother posting your MyLikes updates on Facebook.
An example of the instructions:
The advertiser will pay you $0.24 per click
for clicks from United States. We only pay for clicks from Twitter, YouTube and your MyLikes pages. While you may choose to share your Likes on Facebook. Clicks from Facebook do not get paid out.As I said, most of the advertisers will pay you just for clicks from United States but some of them will pay you for all the clicks. You should check these instructions to see where you should post your MyLikes update. Update presented above will only make you money if you post it on Twitter, YouTube or if someone click on the link on your MyLikes page. So don't bother to post these links all over the web and Facebook if you get the notice like this one. You won't get paid for the clicks coming from Facebook in this case.
2. Use #hastaghs
Hasthags can be a powerful tool for making money on Twitter and making money with MyLikes. Use relevant hashtags and your tweets will have a good chance to rch more users and potential visitors to your link.
3. More Followers mns more income
The more followers you have on Twitter, the more you can make with MyLikes. It's quite simple. When the of your followers incrse, the chance of clicks incrse too!
4. Put the widget on your blog or website
MyLikes allows you to put your own MyLikes widget to your blog and websites. In this widget you can show your free and paid likes directly on your blog or website. This rlly incrses the chance of clicks and traffic. Try it.
5. Don't forget about YouTube
MyLikes also offers you the chance to make a review of your like. You can set up your initial price for the and then make money with links in the description of the on YouTube. YouTube is the most popular community so consider this as a very promising technique.
6. Don't SPAM!
Don't just spam you Twitter profile with MyLikes links. Your followers will soon start to ignore those tweets and they won't find them interesting and click on them. So try to post relevant and interesting MyLikes links that interest your followers and network.
7. Refer friends and followers and make more money
By referring your friends and followers to join MyLikes via your referral link you'll get some extra cash and a chance to win iPod 2! Almost every week, we will award an iPad2 for the person who refers the most of friends and followers to MyLikes.
8. Post a Sponsored Like as a blog post
You may also post Sponsored Likes as blog posts. MyLikes currently support posting Sponsored Likes to Blogger and give you for other systems. These posts will be clrly demared as Sponsored.
9. Rd the FAQ
Be sure to rd the official MyLikes FAQ and get to know all the rules and terms so your account won't get banned. It can be painful if you start rning some rl money on MyLikes and then get banned because of not following the Terms of Service.
10. Tweet more, advertise less!
Again, don't SPAM! Tweet things that you want to tweet and grow your Twitter authority and influence. Get your followers to know you, actually follow you and start conversations with your followers. By tweeting as a person and not just as a desperate advertiser, you'll sure get more traffic and more clicks!

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