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How to Enjoy Free Internet With BSNL, AIRTEL, VODDAFONE And ID

Now,this is era of internet.Everyone wishes to facilitate with internet free as well as paid.People try different ways to enjoy internet freely.Many telecommuniions companies are working in Pakistan as well as abroad.Theses companies provide different packages to access internet.But if you want free internet access with BSNL, AIRTEL, VODDAFONE And ID,then this is best and useful post for you.By following simple steps you will able to enjoy free Internet With BSNL, AIRTEL, VODDAFONE And ID. So, let's have a look on How to Enjoy Free Internet With BSNL, AIRTEL, VODDAFONE And ID.


BSNL is first internet telecommuniion. This telecommuniion company provide 3G services with affordable rates with most effective speed.This provide 3G trick to get free internet.Free internet by BSNL support proxies and free Yahoo home page BSNL has amazing ftures like no capping,no disconnection,no need to setup with VPN,no external account needed and provide resume and speedy downloading.

How to setup and enjoy 3G BSNL free :
Follow given below sy steps to get free 3G BSNL for mobile as well as PC users.
For Mobile Users:
1. Go to "Setting" of your mobile phone/Tablet, and set setting as given below.

Account name: MYIDID

Access Point: Celloneportal

Home Page:

2. Save these settings and connect to Google or Yahoo homepage which you can download from 3G BSNL network.

For PC Users:

If you want to enjoy 3G BSNL on you PC then crte a new profile according to below information.
1). If you are using 3G Data card then Crte a New Profile for using this Trick.

Profile Name: Myidid

(Access Point Name) : Celloneportal


Port: 80

Home Page:

2). Save new settings and go to Firefox browser or Google Chrome to get free internet access on 3G BSNL.

Airtel is another telecommuniion company which provide high speed internet packages. Airtel is strint in these days and blocked many past tricks to access internet freely.SIM card is a barrier for internet access for user which overdo the rules.Many working tricks have stooped in many ars but we also have srch out a trick to enjoy free 3G internet access by Airtel.We have found a proxy trick to get free 2G and 3G Airtel network.This proxy trick will work in urbaaan ars and also in UP st and different states together with Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Airtel proxy trick to access 2G or 3G network has amazing ftures. No configuration settings needed by this proxy trick.To get 3G network.3G zeri rentals setup is needed to get 3G speed.This trick does not block your SIM card.

How to get Free Airtel 3G network access.
In order to enjoy free Airtel network on your mobile phone as well as on your PC,just follow given below data and instruction.

Airtel on Mobile:
Change “ Wifi setting” of your mobile phone according to given below information.

Account Name:

Access point:

Proxy: enabled

IP: (For Punjab and Delhi users or respectively)

Port: 80

Homepage: Any working IP in your state.

Airtel On your PC:

To get 3G Airtel on you PC, configure you Browser to use proxy IP.Follow below steps for configuritation.

1). Go to network tab of your system and then go to settings.

2). Enter proxy and port as given above in mobile user data.

3). You have done.Now open any browser like Google to enjoy free internet.


VODAFONE is a telecommuniion corporation to enjoy free Vodafone 2G and 3G net freely .Follow below steps to avail 2G or 3G VODAFONE.

For Mobile phone: 1). Go to your configuration setting of internet in mobile or in data card.

2). Change the Home Page setting according to given below information.

Account Name:- Vodafone

Apn:- portalnmms


Port:- 9401 Or 8799

Home page:-

3). Save these setting and restart your system or mobile phone to enjoy free internet.

ID communiion provide internet access.There is trick by which you can enjoy high speed internet access by ID. Opera mini browser you will use. Before getting internet by ID you should have to notice some points which are given below.

Don’t transfer more than 200 MBActivate 3G in your mobile if it's not activated. (for this Send ACT 3G to 12345)Transfer Opera mini with host support which may add ch humanoid and Configure setting in your phone/browser as given below:

Account Name: Id

Home Page:

Port: 8080

Proxy Address: 453.28.98.00

Access Point: internet

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