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Top 10 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2014

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Million of bloggers working all around the world and everyone want to bt other and gain more traffic and more rning. As you know many people who rn lot from their blogs and you also know some of them who can't rn after doing lot struggle and you will think what's the rson beyond all this. Here in this article just mentioned all minor mistakes which bloggers make and then said we can't gain enough traffic and facing problems. Here in this article have listed Top 10 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid and i'm sure you never take notice all these problems

1. No, Proper Blogging scheduleOne of the most basic mistake which we all not take notice is blogging schedule so a blogger must have a well defined blogging schedule because without any schedule you may won’t be able to properly maintain your blog. So you must try to maintain a regular schedule and for this you can also take help from Google Calendar to make your proper schedule. But most important thing which you must keep in mind that if you ever miss this schedule then your site’s graph will decrse and if you will work continuously then you will go up at high speed.
2. Give less importance to about me pageAnother most important mistake in blogging is most of bloggers don't make About me page which is very important for your blog visitors because it is erally observed that most of visitors like to visit about me page because they want to know about the owner of blog and if you don't have about me page on your blog then it mns people will show less interest in your blog. Simple solution of this mistake is to make an attractive About Me Page and add content in such a way that you are directly talking to your rders.
3. Don’t have any blogging goalEverything in life is depend on Goal and without any goal you can achieve nothing and this rule also apply in blogging because before entering in blogging business you must have a blogging goal which will motivate you to achieve your goal. Its mn 1st you decide what you want to do then think how to do in this similar way you must define what you want to do with your blog and after that you need to plan your schedule according to that. Without any Goal you can't run a good blog.
4. Have No Proper network ConnectionIf you think Blogging just consists of posting contents on blog then you wrong because blogging mns to make a wide network with other bloggers so in this way you can sprd your popularity everywhere in the world. This technique also help you to share your blog with other bloggers and this will ultimately ld you towards grt success in blogging.
5. Avoid crting spam blogsPeople want to rn money in night but it is not possible and if you thinks with blogging you will rn sily by copying the content of other bloggers then its wrong because it is one of the most difficult way to rn online money and need lot of patience but when you start rning then you rn lot from your blog. So you you must keep one thing in your mind that have to share original contents with people because if you are spamming then Google or blogger will highlight spam contents and this will automatically bring down your blog. If you will make unique contents on your blog then there are many chances that your blog may get most of the traffic because there are many people who are in srch of new and innovative contents.
6. Blogging for money || Money is HoneyMoney is Honey and it is true and if you got chance to talk with many bloggers then you come to know most of them do blogging just for money and you may also include one of them but expecting money from very first day is not a good thing. Most of us not doing much work on blog and expecting lot profit it simply make fooling yourself so, always try to work hard as much as possible in return you can rn good money.
7. Don't visit other blogs for self updationWhile maintaining your blog you should also rd others blogs which are following similar contents because this will update you about the news related to it so in this way you can also erate new ids related to contents and by this way your blog.
8. Wasting time on Facebook instd bloggingI don't know why people waste their time on Facebook because it is one stupid thing that every person doing till now and even most of blogger which also included me before some month ago. So, instd of wasting your time on Facebook you should spend that time in blogging then you can rn maximum benefit from your blog.
9. Without promoting blogSocial sites play vital role in promoting your blog and make it popular among people so just adding content to blog is not enough to rn profit for more gain you also little bit work hard so, you have to promote your blog on various social websites, forums etc and if you not promote then you will get less back links and this will ultimately down the graph of your blog’s progress.
10. Don't offer wide varietyWhenever you make plan to crte any blog 1st make your mind to provide variety to people as variety is one of the most important thing which everyone want so, you should take care while making a blog. Like if you love different kind of stuff then people will love to rd it but if you only include contents of same type then your rders will get bore and will less visit your blog.
Above mentioned all mistakes are top 10 blogging mistakes but their are many others which will ld your blog's graph down so in short make blog to provide best content to your visitors and knowledge not for money in this way you not just rn money but also gain spiritual happiness to help others.

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