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How to Find Friend's IP Address from Facebook?

How to Find Friend's IP Address from Facebook?

Facebook grt Social media and one of the most popular way to communie with all over the world. We can't deny its popularity but we also have some privacy issues with it. As we can't identify any person from name or profile because people have a lot of fakeIdswhich are difficult to find. But now no need to worry about any more because here in this post you will find a best method to identify a person not just because of their name but their IP address which is unique and one of the best way to ches any one, So now no one can make you fool if you have bit skills. As getting IP Address from Facebook Chat is not sy. Now you need to focus on main point because in this method you'll host P script on a freeweb hostingsite then send the link and retrieve the IP Address.

Step 1: Crting P File
1. Crte a new text document and edit it
2. Write the following P inside it:
$dt = date("l dS \of F Y h:i:s A");
$data = $ip.' '.$dt."\n";
fwrite($file, $data);
hder( 'Loion:') ;
3. Replace "" with any other link
4. Save that as : anything.p (e.g: ip.p)

Step 2: WebhostingNow from any Freeweb hostingservice you canSign Up

1. Go to x10hosting
2. Signup for an account ( choose a right domain name e.g : )3. After crting an account on x10hosting, go to the File Manager and open the public_html directory4. Click Upload, and select the P file that you crted onStep 1.4 (ip.p)
5. Select all permissions from Rd/Write/Execute (777)

Step 3: Get IP Address
After setting up an account and uploading the .P File, Now it's time to get IP Address of any Friend on Facebook which is your main purpose
1. Go to the domain that you crted in Step2.2(example
2. You'll see the P file that you crted, right click>Copy Address Link
3. The link will be something like this : In above example it will be: Send that link to any of your friends, after he/she clicks on the link, he/she will be redirected to the link that you replaced in step1.3 (in my example: Go to your domain name again like step1 (e.g:
6. You'll see a new text document named ip_log.txt
7. Click that file, you'll get all IP Addresses of your friends that accessed that link.

Done! Now you can track Your Friends IP Loion using IP Tr,

Alternative Method:If you are unable to all themethodswhich we listed above and still want to find ipaddressof friend whom you chatting, Hay ! don't lose hope we are here to help you we have performed all the steps listed above for you and made a link you have to just sent this to your friend and ask him to check it. then you Done :) after that check from link 2 the ip will be listed at end.

Link to send to friend:
Link to Check Ip adress
As daily of peoples use this way to check ip so most recent will be yours. Plse stay connected with us Subscribe us with mail to get all this type of tricks in your inbox.

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