Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to incrse internal memory of cell phone ?

How to incrse internal memory of cell phone
If your internal memory of your phone is lessdon't worry use this trick.First u want to root kit your phone.To root kit your phone u want to download
a suitable root kit file for u phone or tab.Ucan download it by srching in Google.Then store it in your sd.and shutdown your phone or tab and open itby pressing Power + Volume Up + Home (IF u are tab Press power+Volume up+Volume Down)Then Click on apply update from sdcardand select the root kitthen press Yes.After updating selectReboot system Now.After opening your phone u can see aappliion named SuperUser.then u canconform that your phone or tab is root kited.IF u want the roor kit file u can post itdown..
[Note: If u root kit your phone or tab yourWarranty of your phone will Loss]After root kiting goto play store andsrch for Link2sd and download andinstall itthen srch for Custom Kernel that for yourphone in google and download it.And storeit in your memory card.
[Note:While doing it your data will beremoved so store it in another storagedevice]
Then shutdown your phone and open witressing Power + Volume Up + Home (IF u are tab Press power+Volume up+Volume Down)and select apply update from sdcard thenselect the Custom Kernel ( CWM ) file thatdownloaded.after that u will see a ClockWorkModRecovery on that selectadvanced.then select Partition Sd andthen give how many mb u want to add tointernel memory on Ext Size and SwapSize=0mbafter sometime there show done thenclose reboot Recovery and select rebootsystem Nowafter opening ur open phone or tab openLink2Sd then select appliions and clickCrte Link on that.Tick all.And EnJoyNow appliion link with Sd cardDo all Care Fully.-->

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