Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How 's Credit Card and It's Information?

How 's Credit Card and It's Information

A has many ways to gain a credit card from an innocentuser.The most common one is known as phishing.In this technique, the poses as an r within an organization,let's say VISA.The sends to a group of email accounts an alert, instructing thereceiver tofollow determined set of instructions before his credit card is cancelled.If the user is not aware of this kind of fraud, he will insert his credit card, his name and expiration date without knowing he is going to be avictim of an online crime.

Another way for credit card s is through a website.The only needs to the systems of an online retailer, let's say,Costco, and srch for the database where the retailer stores theinformation of all of the users who have made recent transactions.The third way is through the online process of buying. Let's say an adultfinds a website with adult content that he or she finds attractive. It's quiteprobable that the website is only a masquerade for acquiring credit cardinformation from you.What Is A Carder?
A carder is a criminal who specializes in stling information from creditcards. Although the majority of them buy the information from onlinevendors, some of them are quite savvy on how to access that informationby themselves.In the physical world, a carder will stl the information from a user whiledoing a face to face transaction. The criminal only needs to pass the cardthrough a special scanner.This device will rd from the magnetic strip all of the credit cardinformation. Afterwards, the carder will trespass that information to a blankcard available in many identity card stores.In the virtual world, credit card is a bit more sophistied andautomatized.A could install inside your system a credit card softwareknown as Bugbr. This program is a troke logger; it captures the that you have pressed in your board and after some time, it transmitsthis information to the . The criminal will navigate through this data,srching for any private information that can give him access to yourcredit card.Besides Bugbr, there is also the IRC bot. This automated software is usedfor determined functions, like a moderator for a chat room.But if it is used by a , he may use it for stling your credit cardinformation.The IRC bot will pose as an official from a company, asking you to insertyour credit card information.
Another mn that s use for stling money from your credit card isthrough unused ebay accounts.Once they find a possible victim, the uses a program that startsbombarding the account until it brks it. Once inside, the will use itfor posing as the rl user, selling equipment that will never rch the buyeronce he buys it.-->

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